I’m pretty sure I’m making a good impression.

I swear I’ve worked harder in this job than I’ve ever worked before, but WHY is it that every time my Project Manager drops by, he happens to catch me in the one moment that day I’ve allocated for doing completely unrelated fun things?

Shannon’s PM: Just dropping in to introduce myself and what are you doing?

Shannon: Uh. reading about how to make Beer Caramel? But I swear I’ve done a ton of work today. I just took a quick internet break while I was waiting for my search to complete.

PM: Yahua. Well when you’re done wasting time… 

PM: Hey, Just need to check your progress on that….

Shannon: I know it looks a lot like I’m google stalking the cast of Law and Order, but it’s not what it looks like.

PM: … I’m literally at a loss for words… 

Shannon: That’s not my alcohol. I just opened my bottom drawer, and there was champagne. I’m just trying to figure out who it belongs to.

PM: It’s Eight in the morning!

Shannon: Well I’m not drinking it am I?!

PM: Coming to that meeting?

Shannon: Yup. I hadn’t forgotten at all.

PM: Should I be worried that you minimise your entire second screen every time I talk to you?

Shannon: It would be better for the both of us if you just put it out of your mind.


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