Dancing and Car stuff. Not exactly a cohesive post, but I like to keep you all on your toes.

SoI have two exciting things to report on

1: I got paid. It was amazing.

2: I went to Leaps and Bounds last weekend, and it was AWESOME. We were late, because parking was a nightmare – like an actual nightmare. Sometimes I have these dreams where I’m trying to leave a parking building and I have no money, and my debit card declines, and I can’t find a payment box thing, and then I do, only there’s a line that goes forever and I look down and I’m naked.

That kind of nightmare. Only, thank god, I wasn’t naked in public at any point.

So, we were late, but we got there, and I had sort of awesome tickets in these seats that hover right above the stage, and the only place left was right at the front – so we got to sit less than a metre away from the dancers. It’s possibly the closest I’ve ever been – like, we were so close I could see a run at the ankle of one of the ballerinas tights. Also one of the guys had a strange patch of leg hair that he’d left unshaven in the shape of a star or something.

Anyway, it was great, and I want to learn how to play the cello now, only I did a bit of research and those cost upwards of a thousand dollars. So perhaps I’ll save that for an impulse purchase that I know for sure I’ll be able to use. Like a horse.

(I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be an amazing natural cello player – despite not having a single lesson. Ever – but I’d really rather not test the theory and discover that I’m actually tone-deaf with no sense of musical timing.)

(erm, actually, all evidence points towards the tone-deaf, no musical timing outcome.)

Other things that have happened this week:

I forgot to buy a parking card this morning, and I’ve only just realised. Also I parked up a really steep hill, and actually that might have been a mistake because the twinge in my ankle from TKD training turned into more of a ‘holy crap OUCH’ when I tried putting heels on this morning. So parking fail because that hill is going to be pure torture tonight.

Last night my window wipers got started in the rain, and then when the rain stopped… well they didn’t. In fact, it seemed they only had one speed left, and that speed was ON.  Despite me pulling nearly every lever and pushing every button on my dashboard. So then after some conferring with the parental units it was decided that they might have been phucked.

Which was GREAT NEWS because at that stage I hadn’t been paid, and that money was overdue by four days leaving me with exactly 50 cents to fix the issue.

On the other hand, it was raining.

Thankfully the problem seemed to magically resolve itself while I was at training, which is actually my favorite kind of car issue: the one that goes away with no interference by me.

OK. Less lunching, more panicking about the overwhelming avalanche of work sitting on my desk!


2 thoughts on “Dancing and Car stuff. Not exactly a cohesive post, but I like to keep you all on your toes.

  1. Great news about being paid and the night out. If you like the Cello; YouTube David Gilmore Caroline Dale – Comfortably numb. Bob Geldof guest stars but the cello player is fantastic.

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