A story about my first accident.

So I’ve been busy – too busy to post really, but I had to tell you about this kind of scary thing that happened last weekend, so I doodled it on paper in the dull bits of meetings this week. Please excuse the spelling mistakes… They’re kind of part of what makes up my charming self!



















7 thoughts on “A story about my first accident.

  1. Sorry to be the voice of ‘reason?’ but here goes…
    9 years Fire Brigade, 15 years Police. Have attended probably 4000-5000 crashes.
    Any crash that you walk away from is a “good crash”.
    The financial things associated to the crash; the excess, loss of mobility due to the car being off the road etc, come 2nd to none to the walkie away thing!
    Lesson learnt. Move along. Lol. Lu

  2. I’m glad to hear that your accident wasn’t too serious and that everything will work out in time. You’re right there’s nothing fun about the experience!

  3. LEAF!!!!!! So glad I found you again. It was through an old post at someone else’s blog. I love, love, love your drawings. So relieved the accident wasn’t worse than it was. Still, very scary!! I had quite a hiatus from blogging but am so glad to see you still writing. I always thought of all my blog buds even when i could not bring myself to blog. But i guess i really missed it because i am back. Had to change my URL because someone bought my old one, but will leave my new link. How the heck are you? Oh, and your dad is still the coolest ever!!

  4. OMG Teeni! It’s been forever since I’ve seen you on the interweb! I’m good. I moved out into the country and smashed up my car accidentally, but I’m good!

    I’ll be visiting your site asap! can’t want to see what you’ve been up to lady!

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