To be honest, I prefered the Alpaca.

Dear everybody. I am now the proud owner of a Gherkin on wheels – aka an office green (seriously, consult wikipedia) 1999 Holden Barina. Aka. the least sexy car on the planet.

Despite it’s unsexyness, when I went to draw it for you it started exhibiting a bit of unintended sexiness… In particular,way I’ve drawn  the gherkin, it looks a tiny bit like a… well never mind, because: IT’S NOT. Now stop looking at it, you all have filthy minds.

So I miss the Alpaca, and I’m not really all that enamoured with the Gherkin: ie. not at all. Especially today, when I found myself in traffic, next to an SUV, and a big ute. I barely came up to the tops of their hubcaps. Also, I’m back to tape-deck technology, and there’s the lingering smell of perm cream.

On the positive side it costs $60 to fill the tank, and mileage -wise it’s sitting at 35,500kms. So it’s not too shabby I guess. When I get around to upgrading back to a newer car I should be able to recoup a decent amount of what I spent, I’ll just target learner drivers and grandmothers with perms.



4 thoughts on “To be honest, I prefered the Alpaca.

  1. Oh no, I didn’t realise the Alpaca was written off! RIP little Alpaca. I’m glad you came out of the crash and walked away!

  2. Erica: Woho! thank you! I’d like to thank the people who make stay-up stockings, and my Dad, and my insurance company.

    Adey: Yeah. I think it was laziness mostly, they couldn’t find a part to replace a thing that was mechanical (and therefore I do not know it’s name or understand it’s purpose in my car) so they wrote it off, because the longer it sat in the mechanic’s yard, the more it costed the insurance company. Luckily I got a full pay-out, but unluckily I only had until Friday to find a car before I went bankrupt paying for rental cars, or got killed trying to hitchike to work and back.

  3. Haha! I love that you are driving a pickle! LOL. I sooo love your cartoons. You definitely have a talent and I hope we see more of them!

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