Random and Lovely

Woho! Erica from A Touch of Embellishment gave me a shiny blog award, which was shiny and awesome. Do you know Erica? If not you should go read her stuff. She’s got the best stuff on her blog, like hwer story about a friend who pierced her outie belly-button only to find out it was not a belly button at all (I KNOW. Figure that one out, right?!)

So as per usual, the whole seven random things, and a nomination or ten is required. Seven random things is kind of a walk in the park for me, if we’re talking random in the sense of predictability (or lack of) So instead I decided to tell you about Four Random (but lovely) things from my weekend.

Also I’m tagging just the one Lovely Blogger – Miss McCracken, From Bloggart, because I think she’s just lovely!


Once upon a time I had a car that I loved very much. Then my insurance company wrote it off after a small incident with a fence and a cliff. So I had to go on a quest to find a new replacement car. What I found was the gherkin.

The Gherkin was owned by a nice lady called Winnie. Who kindly offered to let me test drive the gherkin. Winnie handed me the gherkin’s key, and then we walked to the front of the car. on arrival at the drivers seat I realised that I’d lost the key.

Winnie nearly cried, and then I nearly cried, and then we spend an hour crawling around on the driveway with torches. Then I had to buy the gherkin, because I felt bad that she only had a spare key left. The random thing is not that I lost the key (anyone who’s known me longer than five minutes can tell you that was inevitable.) The random and lovely thing is that I found it this weekend when I was cleaning the gherkin. I did a happy dance.


This weekend I planted a rose garden. It looks a bit like a stick garden though, because they’re those roses you get that are all cut down for Winter, with a root ball wrapped up in wet newspaper.

It was harder work than anticipated because the garden I dug out used to be a stock-yards, and it was mostly clay, and rocks. I think it was worth it though, because I’ve alway wanted an Alice in Wonderland garden with red and white roses. In the mean-time I’ve planted spring bulbs too, so that while the Rose Stick plants are waking up and growing leaves and things, I’ll get some pretty colourful flowers.

I also got some little roses that I’ve planted in pots in my lounge. I’ll move them to my bedroom when I get around to buying a set of drawers…  Which leads me to:


Have I mentioned that I currently live out of a suitcase? No? I sort of do. I’m the worlds least grown-up adult. I also do not own a washing machine. When I do laundry, I zip up my suitcase and wheel it into a laundromat. I may not be a proper adult with furniture, but I am prepared for emergency evacuation. Also: Emergency Backpacking, Emergency Suitcase Racing, and Emergency Clothes Swapping Parties.

I was super proud of myself because Sunday night I managed to get my whole suitcase worth of clothes washed and dried at the laundromat (after nearly four days of ‘laundry day’ dressing!) Fresh laundry is nothing but lovely, in my opinion.


My mentally disturbed cat has issues with personal space, and so often wakes me up by staring intently at my face… From less than an inch away. I have issues with being stared at while I sleep, anyway, but when it’s done from a distance that could be misinterperated as a prelude to face-licking (Yuck. I know where that toungue has been) the result can be a bit jarring.

The lovely thing about this weekend was that I was super tired, and so I didn’t wake up to any weird staring. I mean, the loud snorring still happened, but the lack of starring was great!


3 thoughts on “Random and Lovely

  1. Yay! More of your cartoons! 🙂 Loved reading your random things and I find it funny (but admittedly very practical) that you live out of a suitcase. Have to admit that I never considered the wisdom of being prepared for emergency clothes swapping parties. You are too much. You definitely deserve the award – congratulations! And thank you for the smiles today. Adding you to the blogroll because I forgot to before. I’m a bit slow getting back into blogging, I guess.

  2. I am, of course, very honored and will begin writing my lovely post ASAP and will notify you when it is completed. 🙂 Thank you!

    I LOVE your lovely stories! I had a cat who used to sleep behind my knees (side sleeper) and when I’d go to roll over, well, that would be a surprise for both of us! I am also super-duper glad you found your key to the Gherkin! Frankly, I am SO envious I never thought to use my suitcase to transport my laundry!! I have those cumbersome plastic baskets and my arms would ACHE. You are a pretty crazy-awesome problem solver!

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