So. I am currently looking around at new rentals, closer to town, where I work. Also because, although my house is nice and secluded, and I have no loud annoying neighbours, and I’m soon to have a rose garden… It is just a tiny bit impractical

Also, if – for example – you drive your car off a small cliff and it’s written off… How do you get around when the public transport is an hour and a half walk down an unlit, rural road with no sidewalk?

I spend at least an hour and a half in my car every day, and I can never get to TKD because I’m tired, and grumpy, and can’t convince myself to stay out and active from 6am to 9pm. Also, all that commuting makes my cheap little cottage kind of CRAZY expensive because of the petrol and parking.


So I’ve been looking at places that I see online. Most of the time these houses have nice photos – from 10 years ago when they were last cleaned, and so when you arrive, you nearly vomit because the smell of damp and mold is overwhelming. Or you find out the landlord lives above the house, and has three teenage daughters, an emaciated dog, and an endless parade of boyfriends who come around all hours of the night and day to socialize, and that they expect you to be fine with all of the above, and welcome them into your private abode, where they’ll walk through your lounge and bathroom to get to their washing machine and drier.

That actually happened. The fridge was outside the back door on a muddy slope.

And the houses aren’t the only barrier. Because I’m weird enough to be my own barrier when I want to be. For example I keep having this conversation:

Seriously. Batz has developed a fun new coping technique for when he’s lonely and wants attention.

Either way, We’re going to the Vet this weekend to double check that it’s just stress and not some nasty skin infection.



4 thoughts on “

  1. Haha! So funny! I tend to overshare, too. Obviously. I like that the fur patch is carefully maintained though. That is a sign of a intelligent cat.

  2. 1. Outside appliances= dealbreaker
    2. Skanks walking through personal living spaces for ANY reason=dealbreaker
    3. Mold=dealbreaker
    4. Skeezy landlords=deal breaker

    I totally feel for you and hope you find something friendly, reasonable, private and cat friendly soon. (I overshare too, I wonder if it’s a blogging side effect?)

  3. Ugh. looking for a decent rental is rough. I don’t understand appliances not being in the actual main part of the building at all. Reminds me of those horror movies where the backwoods people keep their refrigerators on their front porches and you just know that you never want to find out what they keep in there! Yikes! Good luck in finding a decent place and again, love your drawings!

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