Good news all – I just know you were sitting on the edge of your seats to find out all about my cats test results! What? You’re not? I’m crushed. And so is Batz.

Anyway, he’s all clear for skin nasties, and I’m pretty sure it’s psychogenic alopecia. Which personally, I think sounds like the drug fueled haze that some people spent the 1960’s in.

Chill man. Just Chill. It’s all groovy. Look do you see my hand? It’s all… whoa…

The vet who called was all: “Ok so in a fortnights time you can come in to discuss all the other ways we’d like to extract money from you, and the cat can get his stitches out.”

Then I was all “Uh, yeah, my cat has already taken care of that.”

In fact, he’d pulled his stitches out within the first hour of being home. The vet confirmed that generally they’re designed to stay in a bit longer, but hey, if he’s healing well, then it’s all good.

So basically, I paid $412 for someone to shave more bald spots onto my cat.


3 thoughts on “Psychogenic

  1. Hope Batz is doing well. He has had a bad time lately. I think he deserves some catnip. But that might also be psychogenic.

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