Job hunting again!

Well another week down, another weekend pending! I’m planning another super fun trip to the vet with Batz. This one’s a freebie though, because they want to double-check his stitches. (Yeah. Those stitches that he ripped out all on his own?)

(Also: ICK.)

Then I’m going to Yum Char with some friends (WOOT!) and Magic Mike, because I’ve been informed that it’s a very important film to see before I die. Also: Channing Tatum’s Naked Chest. Observe:

Did you know that my contract ends this month? No? Well it does. So to commemorate having money – HOLY GOD BEING A CONTRACTOR IS AWESOME – I went to one of the biggest bookstores in town, and spend an hour wandering around picking up everything that I wanted. Somehow I ended up with poetry (because the cat finds it soothing if I read Byron out-loud before bed.) (Don’t judge me. I’m not a cat lady.) And a really pretty looking copy of Persuasion (Because it’s on my list of books to read before I’m thirty, and therefore beyond my unhealthy addiction to romantic story lines *Snort*) I also grabbed a bunch of cool magazines about art and music and dance, because it was jasmynes birthday earlier this week, and I want her to chill out and relax a bit.

So I was standing there in this bookstore with all this high-brow stuff, thinking dude, usually I come in here to buy trashy romance books about ladies who kick-ass, and fall in love with totally inappropriate badboys who turn out to be not so bad, and then there is a misunderstanding, and it gets fixed in some grand romantic gesture, and they have a lot of sex, and live happily ever after, the end. (Formulaic? No. I say Formu-tastic!)

So naturally I had to stop off and grab a lurid looking mills and boons book, because… Well actually it was just to screw with the cashier who was all judgy and ram-rod straight spine. He blushed purple when he reached my $9 bodice ripper at the bottom of my basket. SCORE.

Anyway, the point (Point? What point?) is that I might not be a contractor for much longer. Short term, high-risk employment is great for the bank account, but it does look a little sketchy on my CV. So I’m looking at a great 12 month role with an govt agency, and I’m hoping to hear back about a potential longer term role with my current techy company.

The hardest bit about all of this job hunting is actually deciding how much to market myself for on a salary range. I always end up underselling myself, which is not so awesome. This time I’m going to try and be a bit more confident. I figure if they like me, they’ll be willing to have a go at negotiating me down. It helps that Project Coordination work is pretty easy to pick up here. In the past four months I’ve been approached by five people wanting to know about my availability, so if that’s any indication there’s a lack of project coordinators around applying for jobs.

Fingers crossed!


3 thoughts on “Job hunting again!

  1. I wish you well in your job search. It is very encouraging that you were approached so many times. Remember to get business cards if that keeps happening so you can contact them when you are looking! I have no seen Magic Mike yet and not sure I am going to, but I am looking forward to reading anything you write about it after you see it. LOL. 🙂

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