As always, I am super busy, resulting in a mess of pen-scrawlings that I’m going to pass off as art.









Also? This happened…

So I haven’t had a very good week, because I’m also not eating sugar, and my contract at work ends soon, and I’ve had no word on my potential other options… And I’m just a bit tired and down this week. Winter is a bit of a rough time for the Crazy. I don’t get a lot of sun, and it’s not really helped by the fact the office I’m contracting for has these tinted windows… and a nice outlook onto concrete buildings.

Nevertheless another weekend is here, and I’m planning fun things like Wellington on a Plate meals, and World Press Photo Exhibitions, and Coffees, and maybe even sugar, and some garden time. (Though, it’s not likely because everything’s a bit boggy and muddy now.)

What have your weekends been like lately?


3 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. It’s been a good week for me. Managed to get into a pursuit where he flipped upside down after 17kms of chase. 2 n a half days of typing for all the appropriate investigations. No-ones asked me into their office or given me my bill of rights (yet!) so hopefully it’s all good. Heading up north for Nana’s 80th birthday next weekend. Love a roadie. Room in the car if you warn/can get away. Pissed the boy racers off a couple of times this morning (1am) by turning up at their ‘meet’ You turn your red and blues on for 2 seconds and no one wants to know you, or stay around. God, I love,y job. Lol. LU

  2. Not my best of weeks. Pretty rotten in many spots. So I’m glad for the feeling of the week ending and turning around with a fresh start 🙂 I love your drawings. The Gherkin has become a hysterical character in your life 🙂

  3. I spent Saturday cooking and cleaning like a good house-girlfriend should. Then I caught up with Karlie for brunch on Sunday, kindly paid for by one of the little scum bags that smashed our cars LAST July. Yes, they are still paying it off 13.5 months later. Then I took a walk in the sun at the Dog Park with Roxy. And I avoided working at all costs, which I am paying for today!

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