IT is surreal and awesome.

So remember when I discovered that Detective Rey From Law and Order works in my office? and I was all “Oh. My. God.”

Well? That’s not even the end of it. The other day I was in a meeting and we had some questions, so my boss said, “Hmm, just a mo, I’ll go see if anyone from Finance can help”

And? And! Then she totally came back with Uma Thurman.

Yeah. That’s right. UMA THURMAN works in finance – which actually explains why she was so awesome in Kill Bill, because when you break finance’s rules, finance swears a vendetta against you and your family.

And THAT’S not even the end of it, BECAUSE, one of the guys on my project is absolutely, TOTALLY Christopher Walken. He introduced himself a few weeks ago at one of our meetings, and was all “Hi, I’m Chris” and I was like: “Duh. I know. EVERYBODY knows.”

I can’t wait to get his autograph – I thought he was totally awesome in that music Video he did for Fatboy Slim.

(Also? Detective Rey called me Amiga the other day and gave me a recipe for breakfast omelette. Life in the IT world is surreal sometimes.)


3 thoughts on “IT is surreal and awesome.

  1. We don’t have any movie stars in our IT department. I’m sorta jealous. I would love to have Uma working in the next cube.

  2. LOL. This is great. I always try and see who looks like a famous person when I am in waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, etc. It definitely makes the day more interesting.

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