Four things that were taking up brain-space last week. (So I drew them on post it notes to share with you!)

I ran into my Aunty online last week, and she thought it was weird that I work for a technology company – apparently she always thought I’d be off saving the whales when I grew up. To be fair, so did I. My favorite job ever was actually volunteering with the SPCA. If only they turned that into a paying, six-figure job.

Or my seven-year-old self wanted to ride horses for a living. Unfortunately I have yet to find a solid, well-paying career plan that revolves around being covered in horse hair and sweat for 90% of my waking hours.

I finished my rowing bootcamp a wee while ago, and unfortunately over the course of those lessons it became quite clear to me that rowing is not my hidden talent. Or my unhidden talent. Or even my partially transparent talent.

Basically I suck at rowing, and while I still contest that I did not manage to actually fall out of a boat (some would disagree – they’d be wrong) I did spend an awful lot of time wet with lagoon water, and freezing cold.

I ran out of hot water at the end of last week again, because I’m crap at planning my spending. I didn’t actually get around to replacing it until Friday night – when I drove for two hours around Lower Hutt trying to find a petrol station who would fill up my gas cylinder. I was told it was “way” cheaper than swapping, so wanted to test the theory. Two hours later I saved myself $1.23.

Anyway, aside from that massive waste of time and patience, I spent the latter half of the week learning how to shower with my new technique that involves getting as little of my body under the freezing cold spray as possible. By Friday I was really good at it… and also a little grimy.

I also set myself a goal of going to the gym at least once last week – even if it actually killed me. I achieved the goal – mostly through the lure of a hot shower. As a result I was reminded how much I used to like kickboxing classes (up until the instructor whips out the burpies anyway.) I’m going again this week!

I totally missed the bit where you kick big soft padded bags as hard as you can with no stupid technique to worry about.


3 thoughts on “Four things that were taking up brain-space last week. (So I drew them on post it notes to share with you!)

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of effort to get hot water. I am now very appreciative of my hot water.

    What’s a “burpie”?

    I love the illustrations of you in this post. 🙂 Your drawings are expressive!

    Are you giving up rowing or sticking with it? I too, wanted a horse related career. Until I took riding lessons and discovered how much poop is over everything and was completely HORRIFIED by a gelding who needed to pee while I was grooming him. (BLAH!)

    Plus, horses are NOTHING like Saddle Club books. That horse smell is not homey, romantic or comforting. It’s nauseating!

    Did you get a warm shower yet? That makes everything better 🙂

  2. Heh, for me horses are pretty much exactly like the saddle club, only WAY better, because there was never any Veronica.
    Burpies are where you go from standing, to doing a push up, to squating, to jumping as high as you can, and then back to standing, all in one, painful movement.

  3. Burpies sound wretched! What is all that about?

    If you or I ever end up in each other’s neck of the woods, we’ll go ride horses and be our own Saddle Club. Even if I gag on the smell of manure. I seriously CHEERED when I read that you were familiar with them. Veronica was a fantastic villainess 🙂

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