Is it just me, or do birthdays get less fun as you get old?

Shannon: So… I have a tradition where I take myself off to do something fun, and just for me on my birthday. What are my chances of getting next Tuesday off?

Work: Haha, good one – the day before go live. *Snort*

Work: … you were joking right?

Shannon: Ah… Sure. That was a joke.


People: What are you doing for your birthday?

Shannon: I dunno. Wasn’t really in the mood to organise something. I’ve spent a year organising things and I’m kind of tired of it. How about nothing?

Everyone: That’s not even an option.


Contracting Agent: so. We didn’t pay you last night.

Shannon: Why the F not?

Contracting Agent: to be honest we’re a little slack, and our processes are so dense and complicated that you don’t understand them after working with us for half a year. That’s probably why you don’t like us.

Shannon: Right. So I have $600 worth of bills that were supposed to come out of my account tonight. My birthday is on Tuesday, and I’m going to spend it being evicted from my idyllic farm cottage.

Contracting Agency: We’ll fix it… Somehow. I’ll see if I can get an advance payment approved from Australia now. Please hold.


4 thoughts on “Is it just me, or do birthdays get less fun as you get old?

  1. I am super-happy that they fixed it!

    Take a holiday after the big go live. Maybe a MONDAY so while everyone is being a shi!t, you can relax and do whatever you like! I like to take the day off for my birthday too, mostly just to avoid people until they insist we do something celebratory 🙂

    Happy Early Birthday 🙂 I hope Ninja Pirates bring you cake, and you have nice time.

  2. Loved Yumcha. Thanks for the invite and fingers crossed for the Xtrail – because it’s so you! And it’s Red! LU

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