The one where the universe sends me gifts

So you know how everything went wrong yesterday? Well my phone spontaneously fixed itself last night, and I got a flood of texts!

Then I turned on the TV that was all ‘no signal’ and ‘my digital receiver is broken’ to watch a movie, and the signal came back!! so my TV spontaneously started working again!

At this point I began to wonder if all my birthday wishes had come true, so I ran outside… and unfortunately the chickens were still all alive and kicking my garden to pieces. I guess you can’t have everything. (And by everything I mean a row of four stuffed chickens mounted as trophies on the chicken shed wall.  

Aside from that though, all of yesterday’s pain points seem to have resolved themselves – and the cat brought me a birthday gift. A live juvenile bunny rabbit, hopping around unharmed in my conservatory. He must have brought it in last night before I shut up the windows and doors, and then miraculously abandoned it without harm inside. (Usually his gift-giving style is a bit more… fatal…)

While it is true that finding a surprise wild rabbit this morning meant I had to catch it, and check it for injuries and broken bones (she was fine and SO SOFT and placid) it was still a pretty impressive gift.


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