stream of conciousness, aided by my unusually high consumption of childrens banana cough syrup.

Ugh. I just had one of those moments where I’m sitting in a meeting that I’m supposed to be chairing, wondering where the hell everyone else is.  Meanwhile they’re all sitting in the right meeting room, wondering if I’m wandering the building high on cough syrup and lemon flavoured paracetamol. (Yes, technically I was.)

It’s the second time today that I nearly didn’t show up to that particular meeting, because I originally booked a doctors appointment over-top of it then had to cancel. I kind of dislike my doctor – along with doctors, medical centres and hospitals in general – so it wasn’t a hardship. It was actually hard to keep my relief out of my voice – sure my ear still hurts, but I’m sure it will magically fix itself as the rest of my cold does.

Friday night I went home from work early, with a cold coming on, and pretty much that’s the last thing I remember until Sunday morning, when I woke up, and set the oven on fire while trying to reheat some leftovers. Then I tried to have a shower and voila, my hot water system had crapped out again. 

I swore muchly.

So my weekend was all about being all gross with the flu and sleeping heavily, christening the kitchen with my first unintentional fire since moving (oil fire is my middle name), and learning about infinity hot water systems.

ALSO I’m not sure if I’ve bragged about this yet, but I got a BBQ for my birthday earlier this month, and it took a while, but I finally got it together last week. It took two days, and at one point looked worryingly like a gocart, but I now have a BBQ!  I suppose a go-cart would have been fun too, but not nearly as meaty as a BBQ.

I’m already looking forward to my first BBQ of summer.

In other news, my stats took a major jump on Sunday, as 2,500 people googled ‘mexican banditio costume’, and ended up at my blog reading about a party we had a few years ago that resulted in five people sitting around in a room covered in crepe paper eating nachos while completely overdressed in some of the most impressive mexican themed costumes you’ve ever seen outside of a costume store. I tend to be a very VERY good party planner, with amazing themes and ideas, but as for packing a house with 50+ mexican banditos? Not such a success.

Actually I think creative event planning should be my back-up career. I’d be awesome at it. I’d be the only planner in NZ to have 60% of my parties turn into fancy dress parties.  Which I think would be a great reason to turn my staff dress code into ‘dinosaur’ rather than something boring like corporate.


4 thoughts on “stream of conciousness, aided by my unusually high consumption of childrens banana cough syrup.

  1. Your life is awesome. Although it might be a bit rough at times on your side it certainly makes for some of the most entertaining reading on my side. One question though. Where was Batz during this weekend? Why was he not loving you better/thing to kill tu in your weakened state?

  2. That should read “trying to kill you”. That’s what you get for using a phone with autocorrect on a bus with so much sun glare that you can barely see. Also, I would totally work somewhere where the dress code was ‘dinosaur’.

  3. The cat was content in the knowledge I had turned into his own personal heat source. Living alone and being sick is a bit scary, because there was no one around to stop the cat from blocking my airway while expressing his love for how hot my forehead was….

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