Three Crazy, Annoying, Irritating Things

You know what gets on my nerves sometimes? Extroverts. they’re a pain in my introverted ass sometimes.

Mostly because Extroverts are expressers, talkers, and doers, and they don’t really understand thinkers, planners, and internalisers. So when I’m mulling over something in my head and an annoying extrovert asks wheat I’m thinking… I kind of want to hit them a little bit. I’m just thinking, and you talking is interrupting. Besides, sometimes I’m thinking about lots of things all at once, or sometimes I’m thinking about things I don’t even know I’m thinking about. When I figure them all out, THEN I’ll share with the class, but right now? I’m thinking. Leave me alone.

I used to really like it when things magically fixed themselves, but now, it’s beginning to get a bit worrying. My car, the Gherkin, wouldn’t start the other day which was scary and shocking because I live where no one hears you scream, and I’ve never had a problem with this car. It runs like a perfectly oiled (yet aged) demon.

So I’m all concerned, and my car is making pathetic whining noises and then, magically, it fixes itself and since then there hasn’t been a hint of a problem. Usually the magic fix is awesome, but this time I don’t quite trust it because WHAT IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN? It’s like being in one of those haunted houses. You know the evil clown is here in the hallway with you – somewhere – but is it going to choose to jump out at you again?

I got a new BBQ for my birthday, and I love it. Last week however there was more wind than usual – which is saying something, because there was an energy company once that wanted to put wind turbines on our humble mountain, only they couldn’t because it was TOO windy. Too windy for wind turbines is pretty damn windy.

Anyway, there was lots of wind, and My BBQ made a break for it. Fortunately it only got as far as the garden-bed, but the grill plates fell out, and kept going. I retrieved one down the other end of the house, but the lighter one is nowhere to be seen. So now I have a half BBQ, which isn’t nearly as satisfying as a full one.


One thought on “Three Crazy, Annoying, Irritating Things

  1. oh nooo! I’m sorry about your BBQ. That is exceptional windy weather!

    I never trust cars to stay magically fixed. they always break down, when you’re wearing something fluffy or particularly fancy. Why!? WHY?!!

    I’m a bit of a bubbly introvert. I’m a very bouncy puppy when I see folks, but then it’s like “Okay I’m tired, and you need to go home” and then I want to spend three days isolated from the world watching Jane Austen movies and eating chocolate until I think “I could handle people again!”

    I too, hate it when people interrupt my thoughts to blather on about nothings. 🙂

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