This post is about… Running? I don’t know. I already have too many titled ‘Stream of Consciousness’ or ‘TANGENT’

So today I sound like someone’s Great Aunt Fantasia – with a 40 a day cigarillo habit, and an excellent turban collection. Unfortunately, I’ve tried them, and I just don’t suit turbans. It’s a pity, because I’d love to be an eccentric aunt one day, living in a house packed with curiosities gathered from my youth, drinking amaretto before noon, and wearing a turban paired with outrageous costume jewelry.

Anyway. I have a sore throat. Dr Google says I have a cold, OR throat cancer. Dr Google Is not so good at being reassuring.

Earlier this week the cool kids from work invited me running with them. Naturally, given how much I hate running, I said yes. (I know, it surprised me too.) I got exactly 1km before partially faking a limp and doing a slow jog-walk-jog back to work. The next day when they asked about my ankle I realised that actually it felt better than it had for months, so was forced to admit the truth – that actually probably the slow increase in exercise activities lately has been good for it.

So now I’m going running again with them next week. Did I mention that the cool kids are tall? With runners builds? It’s like a crocodile trying to kep up with a pair of giraffes.

In other news, I got home from the laundromat on Wednesday, to find my cat with a stick embedded in his back. he was (naturally) more concerned about food than the fact he had a branch sticking out of his flesh (I’m exaggerating. It was an inch-long stick.)

I discovered that actually I really am getting better with gore. I extracted the stick, and even dettoled and cleaned the wound without flinching. then I walked into my bathroom and nearly fainted at the bloody remains of a bird that the unhinged little bastard had splattered around the lino.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Cat ownership is glamorous.

As for me, and How I’m doing (running, and bird guts aside) I’m doing OK. I haven’t booked with my doctor yet for follow up because I’m still chewing through the reading material on PCOS.

I find the diet stuff really hard. Its like chemistry, and right now all of the choices seem like bad ones. It’s frustrating as all hell. And unfortunately everyone else thinks they have the answers, which seems to just make me determined not to listen to them. I prefer not to think of it as being pig-headed and stubborn, I think it’s more a case of me employing critical thinking skills. Basically if you’re not a qualified doctor with years of experience in a field that directly relates to PCOS related research? Then I call bullshit on your well-intentioned diet advice.

I’m gleefully looking forward to Christmas, because FINALLY I have a break from work coming my way. I have exactly seven (SEVEN!) working days until I’m on holiday. I have no big plans except baking my first ever pecan, and pumpkin pies (not diet approved) going for a couple of day-long tramps around Wellington and the Manawatu, and maybe trying out archery if the club near home has a beginners course in the new year.

I might even start salsa lessons just after the new year because there’s a club that’s thinking about kicking off their next beginners course then! AND I have a personal goal of watching the entire first season of the Secret Diary of a Call Girl before I have to go back to work.

(I too used to work on an hourly rate!)

(As a Contractor.)

(For an IT company. I’ll admit there were some differences.)

And I’ve just realised that my slightly feverish self (based on the utterly scientific palm-to-forehead reading from a colleague) has managed to cover an improbably large range of topics – somehow I’ve jumped from a sore throat to prostitution, and covered amature cat surgery, and PCOS in the meanwhile. Probably I should be doing a bit more editing here.  



5 thoughts on “This post is about… Running? I don’t know. I already have too many titled ‘Stream of Consciousness’ or ‘TANGENT’

  1. Why edit your mind. It’s like having to think about what you’re about to say before it leaves the lips. I work on the principle of just saying it and let the chips fall where they may. Will be good to catch up next weekend. See you then. Lu

  2. Yeah, I agree with Dad Unit. I love pumpkin pie, think your new running is awesome and hecks YEAH for salsa!
    Enjoy your holiday!

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