Braggidy Braggart

I once read a newspaper review of a women in business conference that I found really interesting. Not because I envision myself as an ‘in business’ type, or even an ‘attending conferences’ type. No, the bit I found really interesting was that there was a speaker at this conference who stood up and said that women – generally – were bad at telling people when they’d excelled at something, or when they’d achieved beyond expectation, or even when they’d just had something great happen to them.

She said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with bragging about your achievements (- I assume so long as you don’t take it too far!) and to help break the habit of sitting back and passively waiting for someone to notice when you’d done something outstanding – in the workplace or otherwise – us ladies should be actively going out there and telling people about it.

That idea of bragging being a good thing was kind of revolutionary to me at the time. Being my introverted self, I am very much naturally inclined to not brag, so suddenly being given licence to tell people all about how awesome my life can be sometimes? Well that’s just groovy. I think the idea of positive bragging is actually what lead me to blogging.

(Well, that and boredom – to the point where I created my own ficitional cult and emailed my friends twice a day from my reception desk, advising them about the minutia involved in running my own fraudulent religion.)

So today in the tradition of bragging, I thought I’d tell you about my weekend.

Awesome thing number 1 – I did arty things, and turned out a watercolour painting that I’m actually quite pleased with – drawing people is HARD. Especially falling perspectivy people.

Awesome thing number 2 – I went to pirate minigolf with Louise and Kris, and I rocked it. I’m getting really good at pirate golf. I even got a hole in one. And I was sick. Probably if I wasn’t I would have got many more hole in ones. Clearly I am the best pirate who ever mini-golfed.

Awesome thing number 3 – Louise and I had a really good walk along the waterfront, and had a great catch up. Also tiny doughnuts. (In moderation, which is also awesome.)

Awesome thing number 4 – I got Monday off because I had a gross cold. Even though being sick in summer is generally not so high on the brag’o’metre I think it counts because it didn’t suck as much as it could have. I napped, and read lots of books, and the cat snored on my chest most of the time, because he loves it when I’m running a fever.


3 thoughts on “Braggidy Braggart

  1. You’re right! We don’t yell it from the top of a mountain, and I think it can be blamed on the way that my parents were brought up; how we were brought up, and that’s been transferred onto the next generation.
    “That tiny little Island at the bottom of the world” syndrome where number 8 wire is used to fix even the most complicated pieces of machinery.
    Hope your feeling better, and see you at the BBQ. Lu

  2. Yeah, and I think that whole tall poppy thing doesn’t help!
    I am feeling better – I still have a cough, and a weird sounding voice but it’s mostly just for show 🙂

  3. I love this bragging thing! You are awesome, and I think you would totally kick butt at mini-golf when you’re completely better. and yay for arty things!

    Those were my favorite kind of sick days too. 🙂

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