Arty Things are Afoot

Shannon Steven

So I’ve been doing arty things lately, and I wanted to show them off. So I took a photo of both my arty things – this woman, driting underwater, and a man, falling. And then I deleted the picture of the man, because that’s how I roll. (Also because technology sometimes fights me for no apparant reason.)

I find drawing hands really hard. This ladies ones look like scarecrow hands, and the mans ones look a bit like meat fists. You’re just going to have to trust me on that.

Other things that are hard: noses. And mouths – especially if you want your pictures of people to look like NOT DROWNING, and NOT FALLING TO HIS DEATH.

Next I plan to turn them into paintings, and then I might finally have something to hang in the big empty space on my wall… OR I might hate them, and go back to contemplating investing $500 on a print of something. (I say investing, but really I mean ‘throwing away money that I should probably just put on my car loan.’)


2 thoughts on “Arty Things are Afoot

  1. I struggle with hands, feet, and total profiles. My poor people look like neanderthals! This is really good! I can’t wait to see the painting!

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