Christmas was ok, and I have another hobby now to feel guilty about neglecting.

So mid-way through january I finally remember that I had a blog once, somewhere. After accessing an internet connection I finally discover Leafprobably still here. Exactly where Ieft it.

Christmas was ok, it was nice spending time with family. The holidays are kind of fraught with potential for stress for me because I find the pressure to behave with merriment and be good company quite overwhelming. For some reason when I’m at my Mum’s place I find myself reverting to a sulky teenager – which I think confuses everyone because (in my opinion) I was never really sullen as a teenager.

Perhaps I’m a late bloomer. At 27 I’ve finally hit my teenage years – perhaps I’ll get a piercing that I’ll attempt to keep secret with a strategically placed band-aid. (I once had a friend who kept a labret hidden under a bandaid on her lip for two months before her parents started to wonder if perhaps there was something suspect about their teenage daughter having a ‘shaving cut’ on her chin.)

Before Christmas I took my car in for a warrant of fitness, and failed quite spectacularly. Pretty much everything is wrong with that damn car. And it all costs precious moolah to fix. My laundry list for my mechanic involves such exotic things as wheel play, exhaust leaks, and new tyres. I’ve never really been much of a savings person (a habit I assure you I’m trying to change) and I refuse to allow myself to have another Credit Card, so all of these repairs had to wait until I got paid.

I’ve always had a pretty healthy respect for authority, so driving an unwarrented car for the last few weeks has been kind of a worrying experience. I gave some friends a lift the other day, and ended up giving a full safety briefing including the words “keep all limbs inside the vehicle, and avoid eye contact with all the other law-abiding citizens on the road.”

Work has been busy in the same way that the amazon is a river… Busy seems a little understated for the project that has me finishing my day in a ball of unrefined anxiety. At least I’m not bored though?

I’ll admit that work isn’t entirely to blame for the anxiety, I somehow got myself roped into recruiting Marshalls for a big event here in the city as a fundraiser for TKD. It’s not going well. I have 7 of the 50 people I need. And… 25 days to get the missing numbers. Ack.

I seem to stil be learning that lesson about knowing my limits, and taking it easy on myself. Perhaps I’ll have it down by 2014.

As a bit of an antidote to the stressiness of car and work, and TKD thing, I took up knitting yesterday. The last time I was at the warehouse (I love the warehouse) I got some needles and wool for $5 thinking that one day I’d ask someone to show me, but it turns out it was easy enough to figure out with google. I’m pretty much a knitting prodigy now. Like, the self-taught rockstar of knitting. If knitting was cool, that is. 

As a result of pretty much a whole harry potter movie, I have an inch-long scarf. I know. I know, impressive. I was impressed too. I’ll bet it takes some people years to get an inch of knitting. It only took me… three hours? Maybe more because I did stay up until midnight, determined to finish that last row.

Probably, actually, it’s less of a scarf, and more of a collar. Or a baby turtleneck.

Anyway, my new plan is to do 15 minutes of knitting at lunch time every day. I think it’ll be good for killing the anxiety, and it means I have to leave my desk for lunch, because if my Project Manager sees me knitting, I’ll never hear the end of it.


4 thoughts on “Christmas was ok, and I have another hobby now to feel guilty about neglecting.

  1. Seems a bunch of us are re-remembering our blogs. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the gherkin. Unlike most countries and a lot of other states, California doesn’t have any sort of safety check. I guess we figure that if you wanna have a safe car, that’s totally up to you.

    Good luck with work and the TKD thing (wow, you had a lot of subjects in this post), and be sure to post pictures of your knitting efforts. Be sure to say when you’re ready to take orders. Can I get a sweater with the Silver Fern on it?

    And be sure to let us know if you get a bunch of piercings and go totally goth on us. 😀

  2. Yeah I pretty much make a challenge out of seeing how many different topics I can cover in a single post. My record is 23.

    Judging on the speed of the scarf/ collar progress, I’m going to say call me in 5 years with your measurements, and in 15-17 years time, you’ll have the best damn silver fern sweater in all of America 😀

  3. See, now that I know that, I’m going to have to make it my goal to reply to each and every topic in your posts. See what you’ve done to me?

    Awesome! I can’t wait. Everybody looks good in black, right?

  4. THIS is inspiring and I think it applies to you, as you are creative as all heck, and can do just about ANYTHING you want. 😀 I find Christmasses to be tiring too. I dream of a day when I call my family and say “I’m going to the beach for Christmas!” or something equally awesome 🙂

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