HMS Titanic is apparantly on course and ready to deliver. Any day now…

Hello blog. Embarrassing as it is, I realise that the thirty or so posts I’ve written in my head while driving home lately haven’t made it to print form. Whoops. So here’s the thing: I’m busy.

I’m so busy that I got half-way to work this morning before realising that my laptop and phone were still at home in front of my door, because I’d put them down for a second so that I could use my fingers to finish adding up some numbers for a meeting this afternoon (I suck at maths, I always use my fingers) and then didn’t pick them up again.

I was an hour late to work, which is an hour I didn’t have today.

(On the plus side my numbers for that meeting were right.)

This project I’ve been on since last year is not going well in my opinion. I’ve worked on a few projects now, and the majority of them have been fun – stressy, and hard, but fun. This project is only fun in the sense that a rollercoaster is fun: You’re speeding down a terrifying slope, locked in to a metal car, and your stomach is somewhere near your collarbone… But on the plus side, everyone from the ride before yours disembarked safely, and you’re pretty sure this rollercoaster never killed anyone before, so it’s likely you’re not going to be the first… Maybe? Does that screw look loose to anyone else? Because it looks loose to me.

This project is a long-ass drop on a scary-high rollercoaster. And there’s a weird rattling sound.

If this project was a ship it would be so far underwater that our delivery model should be altered to show a picture of a submarine. Instead we’re full sails ahead and being told to bail water.

In better news the TKD organisy thing went off quite well this weekend. I mean, I nearly tackled an idiot from an ’emergency service’ – I didn’t (tackle him) – so I think it still falls under the ‘quite well’ category. They’re not actually an emergency service, but they certainly like to think of themselves that way.

Besides it’s not like they had a hi-vis vest on (I did) so I think I outranked him. Everyone knows that hi-vis outranks anyone who isn’t issued a taser or a gun. AND I had a radio. I was well within my rights to tackle a douch bag without either of those things. All he had was a tee shirt with his ’emergency service’ club name. HI-VIS AND RADIO OUTRANKS TEESHIRT EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK BITCHES!

I’m quite looking forward to some fun this weekend, I’m going to hang out with as many of the family as I’ve managed to entice back to Feilding for a BBQ. Or something. I might even see if we can break out the poker, because I’m feeling the need to practice my terrible poker face. (Hint: if I’m grinning like a loon it’s because I think I have a winning hand.)

(I don’t have a winning hand usually though.)

(Unless all red cards is a winning hand?)

I even had leave approved for Friday, but I haven’t actually managed to raise that with my PM. I’m thinking he’ll probably be pretty uninterested in letting me have the full day, so I’m going in prepared to bargain for a half day, and some gummy bears.

So that’s what I’m up to lately: riding endless rollercoasters, and bailing water in a submarine.

My knitting is doing fabulously though. I’m about to attempt a stripe.


3 thoughts on “HMS Titanic is apparantly on course and ready to deliver. Any day now…

  1. Stripes are crazy-easy. You’re gonna love it! I love the bailing water analogy…or is it metaphor? I don’t know. The brain is kinda tired today. Being late and forgetting things is annoying, but I’m glad the numbers were right. You can be absent minded if you’re brilliant 🙂

  2. Well, at this point I would argue that being busy is far better than not being busy. 🙂

    Plus: BBQ! Who doesn’t like BBQ! Darn it, now I’m hungry…

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