Freedom from the tyrany of Project ‘This Sucks’

I’m free, you guys, FREE!! Work project cut over Friday night, and now, I just have wrap-up, and overspill (so much bloody overspill.)

Nevertheless, despite the overspill, I came in to work on Monday in a happier mood than I’ve been in for almost a month. I didn’t even have to spend five minutes doing meditational breathing before I could muster the courage to drive to work this morning.

I do think it was a bit of an overreaction when I said good morning to a guy I work with, and he jumped out of my ‘punch radius’ and cowered behind a pillar. Yes, I’ve been a bit of a morning-bear lately, but surely not that bad… Then again, the circle of warning cones, and hazard lights around my desk says otherwise.

I celebrated this weekend by signing up to an impromptu Sparring Seminar on Sunday. Some celebration, it nearly killed me – or at least it felt that way just before I had to sit down with my head between my knees.

I’ve also put in for a bit of time off next week. I’m not sure I’ll get it at short notice, but boy could I use a couple of extra days to myself. You never really notice how run-down, tired, and depressed you are until after the fact.


2 thoughts on “Freedom from the tyrany of Project ‘This Sucks’

  1. You look after yourself first. Lisa will have a spare bed here. Lee n I off to the big smoke till Tuesday.

  2. YAY! It’s done! Definitely take some time for you- I’d hate to see you run out of awesome because you didn’t take time to recharge your awesome batteries. I wonder how many times “awesome” will appear in this comment? Oh! It did again! Awwwwwesome.

    Seriously, sounds like you need a break! A few days sounds like just the thing!

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