2013, and this still happens?

I was having a look at rentals on Trademe because I’d like to be closer to town – but also on a farm in the middle of nowhere at the same time. Like, if I could be in the wilderness, but still on the terrace, with no neighbours, that would be awesome.

Anyway, do you know what annoys me? In 2013, calling about viewing a property and being asked if I’m single, and if so, whether I can afford the bloody rent all on my own.

Obviously, yes, I can afford the rent. I wouldn’t be calling about viewing the flat if I couldn’t. I can’t help but wonder if a man would have the same questions shot at him – then again, who knows, maybe he would: “do you have a partner to do the cleaning?”

I guess I was mostly annoyed because I’ve been asked variations of this quite a lot lately. And I’ve had to listen to a lot of “I’d just worry about having a woman living here alone…” like it’s any of my landlords responsibility to keep tabs on me. I wonder if these complete strangers have any idea how patronising these they sound when they say stuff like that.

As far as I’m concerned, the business transaction is pretty much, I pay the rent, then look after the property, and my own safety, and you take the rent, and then proceed to butt out and leave me the hell alone.


3 thoughts on “2013, and this still happens?

  1. That’s annoying! Hopefully you find a nice person or company that will lease without all that creepy “you’re such a young lady!” nonsense.

  2. That seems to happen a lot over in Australia, too. 1Cent and I have talked about it a few times, how there’s definitely more of a patriarchal bent towards women in some of the Commonwealth nations than there is here in the States. I’m surprised to hear of it in NZ, though, given that NZ was such a leader on things like women’s voting!

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