I didn’t say what you think I said, even if he said that I said the thing you thought I said.

So the other week the supermarket cashier nearly got me into a fist fight with another customer. It was great. One minute I’m minding my own business weighing up the possibility of an impulse magazine buy, and the next I’m being stared at by an aggressively angry woman.

Cue me having to explain “I don’t know what’s happening right now…” and the cashier laughing his ass off and telling angry woman that he was joking, and that I hadn’t said anything about her…

Hi. Lar.I.Ous. I, too, make it my mission in life to get strangers smacked across the head with shopping carts.

I’m beginning to wonder if I flipped off karma earlier this month because wow is it coming back to bite me on the ass. Or maybe I cut Karma off in a merging lane on my commute, and Karma’s all ‘Bitch, I’m getting you back for that.’

It’s not all bad, I’ve been doing fun things lately, and socialising a lot it’s just with the onset of winter I’m feeling pretty down and low energy. I’ve also been put on a new project that I can tell right now is going to be one of those marathon energy sucks. I feel like I’m going into it with a deficit already, and nothing I’m doing right now is helping to lift the energy.

Karma can go to hell. I’m getting through this bloody week if it kills me.


3 thoughts on “I didn’t say what you think I said, even if he said that I said the thing you thought I said.

  1. So what did the cashier say to the woman to get her pissed off with you?
    New subject: you want some Buckleys burner or whatever it was called send down?

  2. I think he was telling her that I was talking smack about her or something. I really don’t know. Thinking of dropping in to your place this weekend 🙂

  3. That’s the weirdest idea of a “joke” I’ve ever heard. They haven’t introduced some new candid camera TV show down there, have they?

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