Not a damn thing.

I have a friend who often asks why I’m not posting very reguarly, and I often answer with some variation of “I live in a place that is before the invention of the internet.” or “I’m very busy currently, filling my wardrobe with questionable clothing choices.”*

The reality through is that I drop in here once a day to stare at a blank ‘New Post’ window before deciding that I have nothing to say.

Not a damn thing.


6 thoughts on “Not a damn thing.

  1. You can’t star for a footnote then not give us the footnote. I demand a footnote!

    Keep writing, even if you have nothing to say, because everything you say, even nothing, is brilliant creative genius.

  2. One of the unfortunate truths for most of us bloggers is that our lives are not, in fact, one long cavalcade of excitement. Those for whom life is… are probably getting paid for it.

  3. Thoughtsappear made me snort in that uncomfortable way that feels like my nose is going to turn inside out. Thank you.

    I think sometimes life is too busy with all it’s lifey-ness to write about it. 🙂

  4. Oh the astrix was where i was going to confess I had beer one night afterwork, and went shopping, and then accidentally brought a purple jacket that makes me feel like willy wonka….

  5. Willy wonka in a bad way, that is. Not a good way. Although, now tha I think about it, how can feeling like willy wonka ever really be a bad thing: he owns a chocolate factory. I’ll bet he never wakes up and wishes that work would be invaded by locusts so that he could have another hours sleep.

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