Mr Bean, with the Strainer, in the Kitchen.

I always feel like Mr Bean when I make my lunch in the work kitchen. It’s tiny with only the most basic of basic appliances – essentially we have a toaster and a collection of weirdly shaped unsharpened knives.

Despite that lunch today is awesome. I have outdone myself.

In other news, I finished my beginners salsa class last night, and have officially graduated to the intermediate class! We finished with a twirl and a flourish, and I’m feeling pretty incredibly smug about it all.

We had a couple of complete newbies come along last night, and dancing with them reminded up of how far along we’d all come. I can hardly believe five weeks ago I had that same look of bafflement when confronted with the instruction “now we basic number one, and casino and then being the basket!” (all accompanied by a thick accent, and much expressive hand waving.)

When I’m not busy being the basket, I’m looking at houses for rent. I’ve so far found four that I love so much, that I must have. Every single one has been just let, or one of those ghastly pack viewings, where you have very little hope of being the first to tackle the landlord with a fist-full of bond money.

As you may have already figured out: I am not enjoying this renting process at all. My basic findings are;

  1. Landlords are rude, and overall greasy and largely get away with misrepresenting their hell-hole rentals. 
  2. Houses in my price bracket in Wellington are disgusting in that they’re mouldy, uninsulated, overpriced, and irritatingly outdated in their presentation. Also? They smell bad. Like despair and musty carpet. Gag.

I’ve also being doing some kicky things with TKD. Like alst weekend I went to an awesome training extraviganza in Palmy North. Then I could barely move my hips for two days because: OMG the pain. It turns out I chamber my side kick the wrong way, so I spent the day marvelling at just how much a slight change can cause the rest of my body to crumple into a puddle of sweaty pain.

And there we go, I’ve found not one, but three things to blog about. Go me!


5 thoughts on “Mr Bean, with the Strainer, in the Kitchen.

  1. Wait, wait, wait, wait… you’re gonna tease us about your lunch, then not even include a picture? Or even a description? *crosses arms* *scowls*

    In terms of housing, have you considered going back to the roommate situation, or are you totally done with that? (I totally understand if you are, btw…)

    Still in awe of your TKD skills. Even if you did kick the wrong way, I’m fairly certain you’re still deadly. 🙂

  2. If it were a horse, you’d be back on it!
    Well done and good luck with the house hunting. Lu

  3. You are totally awesome! I’m super jealous at your coordinated dancing abilities 🙂
    Finding an apartment/house SUCKS. I hope you find something that doesn’t smell like the dying breath of a dog soon.
    And at least you learned something about your kicking! (bright side?) And you’re kicking butt. Again-jealous. But in a happy way 🙂

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