Skip all the crap at the top: what happens at a hens night?

I had three things to do this weekend.

1. Change the wiper blades on the car with the new ones that have been sitting unwrapped on my couch.

2. vacuum up all that spilt washing powder on my floor.

3. Do something fun with someone who is not my cat (for example, crafty things involving the worlds longest scarf.*)

I did none of that. (Now watch while I pout about it.)

I did catch up on my bunheads viewing though. It’s day-time viewing on the weekend, which, I think is a weird spot for what I think is the third best show on tv after Dr Who and Bones, but hey, whatever. I have a TV recorder.

In other news, today was kind of sucky to begin with, but then someone from work walked up to me and handed me chocolate “for being awesome” and things brightened right up. It’s Anzac Day on Thursday, so I took Friday off too, because: Why not, right?!

(*unfortunately the scarf is long only in the sense that it’s taking a bloody long time to complete, rather than longest in terms of length.)

* NOTE I’ve just found out that I took Friday off for a reason. The other bridesmaid is unexpectedly unavailable. I have a hens party to throw. On Friday. Has anyone else ever thrown a hens party? for a lesbian couple? Do I book a stripper? because I’m on a budget. I assume strippers are expensive…


6 thoughts on “Skip all the crap at the top: what happens at a hens night?

  1. oh no! I’ve never even been to a hen party. I don’t know that you need a stripper, but probably something like feather boas, tiaras and alcohol should be involved 🙂

  2. Okay, why hasn’t anyone come up and handed me chocolate today? I’m a nice guy.

    If I’d known you keep a ready stock of feather boas and tiaras at home (I won’t ask why), I would have demanded you wear them when we met. The tiara at least.

  3. The last Hen’s do I went to involved penises. A LOT of penises. Possibly not quite right for the hens do you are throwing!
    There were other games that didn’t involve the penis, like wedding pictionary, and finding your stripper name. That was it. Oh and a pot luck dinner.
    What does our friend Mr Google suggest?

  4. The last hen’s night I organised was for a lesbian couple. Definitely penis free. Then again, should I ever have a hens night is like there to be slightly less penis shaped equipment so that’s not necessarily a lesbian thing. We had dinner at an Indian restaurant, got people to tell stories or sing songs or do skits; and got henna tattoos. But one of the brides was Indian (well she still is) so a mendhi themed thing made sense. I think the most important thing is for it to be fun and to reflect the brides’ interests and desires. I’m sure you’ll do a great job tonight, good luck!

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