The hens party went really well. I managed to host it without losing my sh*t in front of the crowd, and even managed to get a few laughs. In fact? I’d say that’s probably the most relaxed I’ve even been in front of a crowd. I was so proud of myself for pulling it off that I did a bit of a triumphant fist-pump out the window of the gherkin on the way home. I may have also yelled “F*ck yeah, I’m awesome!”

The theme was blue and purple, which are the brides favorite colours, so, true to form, I took that idea, and made it as tacky as possible with crepe paper streamers, balloons, blue dip, blurple cocktails, blue lollys, blue and purple cupcakes, and FOOD COLOURING . So much food colouring, in fact, that on Saturday morning when I went to the bathroom, everything was blue, and I thought that perhaps I was turning into a care-bear. Or dying.

I don’t think you’ve lived until you’ve peed blue, and then wondered if that means you’re now pregnant with a tele-tubby.

While I was transforming the brides living room into the blue-tacky palace, we got to talking about the agenda for the day before the wedding, and I inadvertently admitted to the brides that I didn’t exactly have my dress sorted for the wedding (the same wedding happening this Saturday!) and that was fun. Especially when I told them my plan was to go shopping Friday after the rehearsal. The incredulous look convinced me to go look for something yesterday on my day off instead.

Thankfully the brides aren’t doing the set bridesmaid dress thing at all, they’re just going to be casual about it, so I went out and found a lovely mullet dress to wear… Probably that’s not the real name for it, though, there’ll be a fancier name for it somewhere – in fact, wait while the magic of the internet supplies me with the real name and even a photo: The Oriental Flower Dress.

Huh. I think Mullet Dress is more appropriate.


Anyway, so that’s sorted. I have a thing to war at the party, and the hens night went well, and the blue food colouring is slowly coming out of my kitchen.



5 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Well done you. Nothing like yelling at the top of your lungs, and a high five/fist pump to the invisible Karma fairy to know you did good.

  2. Well done! I’m going to a wedding the 11th, and I don’t know what I’m wearing. People keep asking me – and there is no way I can even begin to plan until the 10 day weather forecast is out. Because its HB, and it could either be 25 degrees, or 10. Nothing in between.

  3. You ARE f*in awesome!!! That sounds like a blast of a time. I’m so happy you pulled it off in such a short time! And that’s totally a mullet dress, and it’s beautiful 🙂

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