A Games List from the perspective of my Cat


You: Run around with the ribbon, making it as exciting as possible.
I: Might chase it if I deem you engaged enough in the game.

Squeezy Face
I: try to squeeze my body into the space your face is currently occupying.
You: Move

I: Attack your feet.
You: Yell a lot.

I: freak out about any door in the house being shut.
You: Open them, and ignore the cold.

Door II
You: Make eye contact around any doorway or piece of large furniture.
I: Go mental for no apparent reason.
(Often segues into catch – or getting over excited, and vomiting cat food on the carpet.)


(This clearly is the kind of gold-star quality writing that we all come to Leaf Probably to read.. Right?! Right. Lesigh. I have things to write about, I swear, I just got to the New post button, and can’t seem to get the typing with the words happen.)


4 thoughts on “A Games List from the perspective of my Cat

  1. On the plus side, you’re being more productive at writing than me!

    One question remains unanswered: what are the cat’s feelings about the awesome tin-foil hat?

  2. I find this post excellent. You’ve captured the evilness of cats perfectly.

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