I feel better today. Not, obviously like life is a field of sunflowers*, but more like a bit of the weight on my shoulders dragging me down into the deep is gone. Focusing at work was easier too, which was nice. Meetings are always so much easier to attend when you’re not swimming through molasses to get there.

*As a rule, sunflowers are my least favorite kind of flower. I think they’re obnoxious, ugly, and they smell weird.

I ended up with a leaving card on my desk today, for a guy I barely know. I wrote the generic ‘good luck’ message, and then passed it on, but no matter how many times I passed the bloody card to other people, it kept coming back to me until it was me having to walk around the office collecting signatures. Being that I never met the guy, it’s entirely possible I even handed the card to him to sign… There were a suspicious number of people who also didn’t know who he was though. Our floor isn’t that big, either. It makes me wonder… What if it was just a stranger? Like I wonder if I went and brought a farewell card, and then handed it around the office for some fictional person (Oh you know Sarah! She’s in Teds team!) it would be interesting to see how many signatures you could get for that…

Oh. And? I did half my laundry last night. It was like some epic siege on the laundromat that ended in me exhausted, covered in a fine white mist of laundry soap, and sprawled in my car surrounded by lovely smelling sheets. It sucked ass, but on the plus side, the great underpants drought of May has once again been averted.


5 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. You know, that sounds like an experiment worth trying. You just need one other person in on it to back you up that the person is real. Then, read the results (“Sarah, working with you was the best ever!”) over beers. And post online. 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! And you have underwear! You know us guys: we only determine if our underwear is clean by the sniff-test anyway. 😉

  2. DO IT! See if you can get a donation jar going too. “Gary from accounting” will appreciate the gesture. Lol

  3. I’m glad you feel better today. I’m also super proud that you did the laundry instead of buying new underwear, which is what I used to do 🙂

    The card scenario would be so cool if that was the case. Dad Unit has a great suggestion-especially if the proceeds go to donuts. Or beers.

    I always hated work cards, but in my experience, the people who were dead set on having cards for people were really the biggest shits. the genuinely nice people either actually did something if they were a friend, or just wished a sincere good luck in person. Hopefully that’s not the case where you work. If it is, totally do the donation fund and go out for beers. 😉

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