Embracing the inner child.

“You live AGES away. Doesn’t the commute get really old?”

“Nah, it’s not so bad. I like driving. It lets me think, and sometimes I play rally driver.”

“Uh… should you be doing that – you’d think after driving your car through a fence that you would have learnt not to drive like an idiot on that road.”

“Playing Rally Driver isn’t about speeding.* It’s about making car noises, and practicing your badass face, and sometimes waving at your fans when you reach your gate.”


“Yeah. it got a lot harder to play after I got the muffler fixed, and the car stopped making it’s own sound effects.”


*Besides, the gherkin doesn’t speed so much as it meanders, putters, moseys, or ambles, key word being: Slowly.


6 thoughts on “Embracing the inner child.

  1. I have this awesome picture of you, wearing a helmet, racing in NASCAR with a maniac grin on your face. And the best part? The picture in my head isn’t a photo. Its in your drawing style. 🙂

  2. Dad: Its a done deal, but only if I get to wear aviators.

    Geekhiker: Its less of a manic grin, and more of a badass scowl. Like cool, and kind of unaffected by the pressure of the fame, but still approachable and human. Like Jennifer Lawrence mixed with Emma Stone, and Michelle Rodriguez… Not that I’ve thought about it at all.

  3. When my muffler was broken, I hated it. People would always say, “BUt people pay hundreds of dollars to make their cars sound like this!”

  4. I don”t like it when things make sound effects on its own. I want to make the noises myself 🙂

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