I’ve just realised the mouse, and dishes thing make me sound like I live in squalor. I don’t though. I’m obsessively tidy around the house I promise.

So the first sign that things are going better for me came last night. Usually when I’m depressed I get a bit obsessive about reading. I pretty much get home, and retire to the couch, and read until the wee hours of the morning, because reading means I can lose myself in someone elses life. Feeling numb doesn’t matter when you’re reading, because if it’s a good book, you can borrow someone elses emotions.

Last night, though, instead of arriving home, and curling up into my fuzzy blanket+couch cocoon, I did the dishes. ALL of the dishes. Then I vacuumed. Then I finished folding my clean laundry and put away all the piles of folded towels that I abandoned last week. Then I moved all of the heavy furniture in my house around until everything was New! and Different!

I think that because of my childhood (which involved a lot of moving around and packing things into boxes) I get all twitchy when my furniture has been in the same spot for longer than 6 months. It irritates me that my bedroom always looks the same. So when I come out of a depressive period it’s nice to move things around and be all “tada! and now things are all new and better again!”

It also means what while I was moving all of my really very incredibly heavy furniture around, I discovered a mouse, which actually wasn’t as bad as the dried giant spider husk that I found under one of the couches. Because mice are dirty and annoying, but I have a cat for that, and once he’s terrified them into submission, they’re easy to catch and throw outside. BUT I sat on that couch where that spider died, and OH MY GOD WHAT IF IT TOUCHED ME AND I DIDN’T NOTICE?!

I had a whole post about how I accidentally got hairdye on the carpet and now my landlord will kill me, but that is going to have to be postponed because I have that creepy spidery sensation, and am feeling the need to shower and shake out my hair in case there are spiders in it. OHMYGOD.

In other news: Crimson Kiss Hairdye. On my beige carpet. It’s a thing.

Also: Really I don’t live in a dump!

And: I’m totally going to take photos of the obsessively tidy house now, so that no one thinks I live like a hoarder.

Except: the hairdye thing. That looks bad, and messy, but aside from that: obsessively tidy.

About the Hairdye: I’ve used three different carpet cleaners on the stain… the carpet around the spot has never been so clean. The stain itself? Not shifting.


6 thoughts on “I’ve just realised the mouse, and dishes thing make me sound like I live in squalor. I don’t though. I’m obsessively tidy around the house I promise.

  1. Just checked WikiHelp on Google, 9 step problem solver with white vinegar and water.

    You and Lisa with the mouse thing!

  2. Darn it! Dad unit beat me to the vinegar advice…

    Of course I believe that you have a clean house. After all, I’ve seen the inside of your car… 😉

  3. That’s what throw rugs are for. If you have carpet inside a closet, you can cut out the stain and patch it with a closet piece.

  4. I love anything called “Crimson Kiss” awesome. Finding dead spiders and mice is wretched! You are SO brave!!! SO BRAVE!! I love rearranging things too. I’m so glad you conquered the house dragon 🙂

  5. Ew! Mice! Roxy brought one in for us a few weeks ago, a couple of days after I saw one run into my bedroom, and then out again. Ew. Yuck. Mice!

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