I was definitely exaggerating the dying bit.

Not an over-reaction

So here’s a super fun new thing I’ve discovered about PCOS. The whole cysts on ovaries thing that make up the P and the O? Well, they ‘resolve’ themselves sometimes, and basically that means they rupture, and cause awful pain. Awful stabby wavy pain that comes and goes and then comes again, once you thought you were safe.

It’s like all the stabby things end up in your lower abdomen, and in your pelvic floor muscles, making things that you didn’t even know you used those muscles for excruciating. Like standing up out of a chair. And breathing. Also blinking.

Stabby things

Internet, and friends with PCOS say that it’ll go away soon though, which will be nice. Batz will like it too, because his usual response to me being sick (especially when I’m running a fever, and therefore deliciously hot like a giant hot water human) is to sprawl on my belly luxuriate in his improvised sauna. He was unimpressed that this time around he was only allowed to sit on my face (less surface area for sprawling, I suppose.)

My weekend wasn’t quite the bust I thought it would be though. I went to see the Great Gatsby, and loved it like I never loved the book. I liked the book, because even back in high-school when some of the themes were difficult to grasp, the language was kind of moreish and good to run over my tongue. The movie, though, had the language still, but it also had a whole new accessibility. I’m thinking that whoever gets that book assignment next year in school is going to have a MUCH easier time of it than I originally did!

So yeah there was movie goodness, and curly fries with Louise, because both Louise and Curly fries are awesome – even when you’re inhaling them 5 minutes before you need to get somewhere. I also had Friday off, in an attempt to get myself some sanity leave. It worked fabulously, and I spent most of the day in Petone, looking at their weird little gifty shops. I even went to a fancy pants candle store, sniffed everything, spilt a $12 box of fancy matches, then walked out without buying ANYTHING. It was awesome. I even got scowled at.

So what did you do this weekend? Fun things?


4 thoughts on “I was definitely exaggerating the dying bit.

  1. Aw that sounds horrible! I hope you feel better soon! This weekend I avoided the new Farmers, went for coffee with my Mum, went to a 2 year olds birthday party, made dinner for 8 and dessert for 10, avoided the rugby, drank too much wine, ate McDonalds for breakfast, visited a potential wedding venue, went for a walk, and had dinner at the in-laws. And I totally rocked at avoiding my school work!

  2. I hope the pain goes away soon. Suggestion: more curly fries. And beer. [I should probably also note that I’m not exactly a doctor…]

  3. Oof! this happened to me right before my cousin’s wedding. I’m told I didnt’ miss much. But it’s still right up on the top of the “Holy Shit that Hurts” list.

    You made the best of it though! Now I want curly fries. Yum! My weekend was fun-ish. 🙂

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