So, it’s looking pretty damn permanent.


So. This happened.

The It’s Crimson Kiss hair dye. Or as I like to think of it; the Kiss of Death to my Bond Hair Dye Incident.

So I’ve been experimenting with various methods to get rid of it – methods including vinegar and soda water, and rubbing alcohol. so far nothing’s quite working, so I’m ALSO experimenting with methods for covering it up. My four favorite so far (Excuse the photos I took them at night, and the flash did weird things to my phone camera..

The traditional rug cover up:

Traditional Rug Cover-up

The beauty of this one is that it has a long tradition of being effective. Yes it’s a strange spot for a rug, but I’ve been rearranging my house for feng shui, and that happens to be my money spot (different, I think to the money shot.) Feng Shui says that if I keep a rug there for ever and ever, even after I move out, I can expect a small windfall upon moving. (Where small windfall means: My bond.)

The unexpected pot-plant:

Unexpected Potplant coverup

Who wouldn’t keep a pot plant right there? It’s at exactly the point to be appreciated from my armchair, AND whilst walking through the most used pathway in the house. every time I stub my toe on that pot plant I’ll be able to take a moment to appreciate how awesome it is.

The Completely Expected ClockFloor:

clockfloor coverup

So what? It’s a clock on the floor. Sure you might keep your clock on a wall, or a shelf, but honestly, that’s so 2012. Why look up when you can look down, man? Totally.

This is art. Don’t move it:

Avant garde

Introducing the freshest take on conceptual art this year. It’s avant garde for gods sake. Stop asking questions.


3 thoughts on “So, it’s looking pretty damn permanent.

  1. This made me laugh heartily. I don’t think that rug looks out of place at all. Or maybe you just need a bigger rug? But ClockFloor is genius. Hey, wait, what about a large rug with a giant LCD clock built into it? That glows in the dark! Now THERE’S an idea… wanna go into business with me? 😉

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