3 Beautiful Things


1. Instagram. I love Instagrumbling about things like scary massive wetas. And the filters make me feel like an artiste.

2. Being told I look extra-specially beautiful and shiny today by my local domesticated convenience store clerk. Mostly because today when I did my make-up my inspiration was drag queen, and I’m wearing a lot of sparkly silver and blue eyeshadow.

3. Signing up on a car-pool website, and finding a possible carpool buddy – who definitely doesn’t sound like a serial killer. Because petrol is expensive, and Mr Money Mustache says it’s a damn good idea. I, too, am keen to retire in my 30’s, so am more than happy to take Mr Mustache’s money saving advice!)


One thought on “3 Beautiful Things

  1. I still get chills over the weta king photo! I like your three things. Good luck in finding a non-serial killer car pooler, and I love sparkly eye makeup! I totally do 🙂

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