About a mllion tangents… As per usual! Mostly it’s about the stealth movie theatre though.

The other day I was lamenting how much moolah I spend on petrol, when I discovered an awesome site the government runs that matches people up with carpoolers. I signed up, and it was all BAM and MAGIC, and all of a sudden I had a map with a bunch of people who live near me and want carpool buddies.

I picked a guy who looks less like a serial killer than your average carpooler, and lives just down the road, and one or two times a week we catch a lift in with each other.

This post isn’t about the fact that I’m an awesome hippy environmentalist though (does carpooling twice a week qualify me to be an environmentalist? I say yes.) (I also make my own compost.) It’s about the fact that this guy is BLOWING MY MIND with his area knowledge. For instance: did you know there’s a group of ladies in the area that go out to dinner once a month? I didn’t.

So We were driving along the other day, and I was telling him how silly I felt when I realised there was a dairy in Pauatahanui – which is about a 10-15 minute drive, rather than a half hour one back to the Hutt, where I used to go every time I ran out of milk.

Carpool buddy laughs, and says “Oh, so you must have found the movie theatre then!”

And I’m all “Haha, good joke… You are kidding, right?”

He wasn’t. There’s an honest to god boutique two screen movie theatre 10 minutes down the road from the remote farm I live on. And? A bar. Also? a restaurant/ cafe with a world-famous caramel slice. They’re literally JUST around the corner from the little dairy that took me 9 months to find.

So while I’m still reeling from the discovery of a whole bloody movie theatre down the road that I managed to miss seeing for a year and a half, you should go watch a cool* TED talk I saw, about the link between climate change, and the war on terror. I read about this at Uni, and it seemed pretty far-fetched at the time, but this video makes it WAY more accessible!

 *It’s quite possible my definition of cool is different from most peoples though… Considering I had to do 3 months of required reading, and a 2500 word essay on this subject. Imagine all the time I could have saved if I’d just spent more time on you tube.


One thought on “About a mllion tangents… As per usual! Mostly it’s about the stealth movie theatre though.

  1. I think it’s cool that you’re learning about the area! I watched the videos you recommended they’re really good!

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