Hello World… I’m back again.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally winning on my five-year plan. I brought a house! Then scheduled travel to Thailand! And cancelled that travel immediately after buying a puppy!

The house is a solid little 1930’s number based in Featherston (in the Wairarapa, and about an hour 15 from Wellington), with two bedrooms, and WAY too much lawn for someone not in possession of a lawnmower. (I’ll hire someone. Eventually. When I get around to it.)

84 Revans St

When buying the property (not once, but twice!) I loved the fact that it had so many projects. I see this place with feature gardens, and feature walls, and feature lighting, and a feature deck with a feature waterfall. In fact I saw a lot of DIY in my future the idea of which I very enthusiastically embraced.

Now that I live here though? I have done two DIY projects. Install a cat door (the D stood for ‘Dad? Could you maybe… Thanks!’) and re-seal the back door to stop it rattling in the wind. I can no longer lock the back door.

Pft, but fixing the thing at the top of my fireplace, and installing a new front door, and dropping in new french doors into my lounge will be easy. Mark my words. Ea-sy. In related news I’m looking for a boyfriend in one of the trades. Ideally electrician, but I’m not picky, a registered plumber will do just as well.


First on my garden agenda a couple of weekends ago was digging out a garden in the front lawn, which will stretch around and back down the side of the house, where I’ll have a series of paved courtyards. For now though it’s just a patch of nearly bare earth, with a weeping cherry blossom tree.

In one of my favorite childhood homes (we liked it so much my parents brought it TWICE) the front yard had this amazing tree with awesome blossoms and I always thought I wanted one just like it as an adult… Hey it’s still there! Google Maps is awesome.  Trust me that looks a lot more majestic in spring. Mine will too when it’s no longer a collection of bare twigs

Alongside the cherry blossom, the new garden has rosemary, and tiny lavender seedlings. Both of which are on my garden MUST list because both make me feel Zen and much like I’m living on a regal country estate, baking organic lavender shortbread every tuesday, and harvesting my own apples. I do neither of those things currently. I DO have an Elderflower Tree (I think!) that I’m going to try making elderflower wine with. 😀 Probably it will even be organic.

Archer Pup

The other new addition (nearly) will be Archer, he’s a wee 7 week old German Short Haired Pointer, and has the market officially cornered on cute. He doesn’t come home for another three-ish weeks because I wanted to give him lots of time in a litter and with his Mum. Also I needed enough time to perform key activities like dog proofing the house and making Archer Free Zones for Batz (who is So Frigging Excited to be getting a playmate!) (*Snigger*)

I’m pretty excited about owning a house (with, like an edge of terror that appears every time I get a rates bill, or something looks like it might be expensive to fix) but I’m EXCITED to be getting a puppy. Like, If someone giftwrapped a dragon, rolled it in glitter, and dropped it off at my house wearing a leash, I wouldn’t be as excited as I am to get this puppy.

This puppy is going to be the coolest puppy ever. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be the worlds most badass dog. He was literally SECONDS away from being called Chuck Norris. That’s how badass he is. I had the email written to the lady for his papers and everything. At the last second I changed my mind to Archer, because it’s unfair to be giving such a Zen puppy a reputation like that to live up to.

I’ll have to admit, I did think long and hard about getting a kennel dog from the SPCA. Or rehoming an older dog, because in theory I am all for giving animals a second chance home.  After a whole lot of thought, I decided on a puppy from a one off breeder. You would not believe how hard that decision was!


Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go spend another three hours reading everything the Dog Whisperer has ever written, because Batz and I need to learn how to become Pack Leaders



(He’s technically he’s not all that in the know about this whole puppy business. It’s going to be a surprise.)


2 thoughts on “Hello World… I’m back again.

  1. As always, I love how you write, yay for being back!

    Good luck on the home ownership DIY thing. I’ve lived here 9 years and I think I’ve just about finished unpacking. Next up, redecorating! Try to avoid doing what we’ve done and spending the cost of a cruise through the Pacific Islands and have nothing to show for it but an orange square on the wall with a hole in it, and spend a lot of time wondering why your house doesn’t look like Pinterest OR why more pictures on Pinterest don’t include orange holy squares and unending piles of things to put away one day when I finish unpacking.

    Have a great time with Archer and I hope Batz survives!

  2. Hey, congratulations on your new house, and new puppy and all that other mature adult stuff you’ve got going on! 🙂

    That’s a cute little house you’ve got there… and even cuter little puppy! I hope Archer and Batz are getting along swimmingly!

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