Oil Fire Is My Middle Name

I love a good weekend. This weekend was awesome because I finished digging out my front gardens and started planning the vege patch relocation. (Which basically means I just squinted at the awful flax bushes I want to get rid of for a really long time.)


I also picked up another load of river rock and drove it home over the rimutakas at 10 kms an hour… The 1999 Holden Barina, more versitile than you’d think!


Dad came and stayed for a night and put up a whole bunch of fire alarms, and security lights… then this morning I verified that the alarms all work, by leaving a tea towel on a hot element (thankfully just turned OFF rather than just turned on) and then burning the pastry I had in the oven. Because thats how I roll: hazardous in the kitchen.  (Nobody tell my insurer.)

My neighbours must love me – for starters I keep forgetting that I’m not in the country anymore, and leaving the curtains open when I change, and now I’m setting off fire alarms at 9am on a Sunday. Its either better or worse than living next to one of those churches that rings bells every Sunday,  because my neighbours get a side of nudity with their wake-up call.

So yeah. Thanks Dad the alarms work!

And finally this weekend I visited Archer and he totally recognised me. We ran towards each other in slow motion and everything.


The other pups are freaking adorable, but I think you’ll all agree with me here, Arch is clearly the best. For starters, look at those ears. Those ears are a work of art. My dog could get a modeling contract based on those ears alone. In the photo above he was in the middle of being shooed up off someones lap, and is actually totally asleep. While standing. I squeed. I’m not even embarrassed to admit it.


I actually cannot wait for him to come home. Im not picking him up for another 20 whole days though because I want him to have lots of time in a litter before he comes home… and it gives me more time to figure out how to puppy proof my house. Being puppy piled today and having various parts of my outfit knawed on, I’m thinking next weekend will be about moving everything chewable up high. My shoe rack right now is a total puppy buffet.



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