Are you a Feminist?

ArtDecoWomanTopical yes?

I’m thinking about Feminism today, surprisingly not because of Beyonce – which, frankly is shocking, because who’s NOT thinking about Beyonce right now, right?! Actually quite a lot of people probably. I have a confession: I’m not a Beyonce fan. Her music does not move to my groove. I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice person though.

So no, I’m not thinking about Feminism because of Beyonce. I’m thinking about Feminism because of Confused Cats. Basically, if you don’t know the story there is a tumblr out there on the interwebs for women who don’t think that feminism is something that is required anymore.

The argument against feminism by these women is… well a little confused*, and also WAY simplified. Mostly the idea seems to be that feminism is outdated, and no longer required because: we has the equality already! or because; we don’t want the equality (which is a whole other kettle of really disturbing fish.)

When confronted with the weirdness that is that Tumblr, the internet (or a catloving feminist) started this response Confused Cats Against Feminism… they don’t know what it is, but they are sure they don’t want it. Hi-Lar-Ious.

Personally I’m all for feminism. I’ve got two main reasons:

1. Sometimes it’s not all about you. 

I think Feminism is still super important, and super relevant. You might argue that in your society you have equality so the concept of feminism isn’t really needed anymore…. to which I say: Really? That’s nice. What about women outside of your Ethnicity/Country/Religion? Do they have the same freedom? the same rights?

No? Well then sometimes its not just about you. Sometimes you need to cast the net a bit wider than just your own group of social peers.


2. Feminism and Equality? Not mutually exclusive guys! 

The other big argument I hear a lot is “I don’t believe in Feminism, I believe in equality.” And actually the second half of that sentence is fine. Me too! the first half though, is problematic. Feminism and Equality? Not mutually exclusive!

The way I think of it is that saying you want Equality is the same as saying you want to have the BEST Company. That’s nice… but it’s a very big goal. It hard to meet a big intangible goal like that, because where do you even start? How do you know you’ve finished?

So you break it down into smaller measurable, achievable chunks. So Equality is fine as an overall vision, but gender, and gives us a smaller chunk of ‘Equality’ to work with and Feminism can give us some measurable goals, thought leaders, and tools for achieving that.

Then when you think you’ve achieved your goal, and you now have the BEST Company? Well you don’t just stop! You did a hell of a lot of work getting there, so you maintain! You checkup on your measurements every so often, are you slipping? Why? And then? If you’re a socially responsible company, then you tell others about how you got to be the BEST Company, so they can give it a go too.

So what do you think? Are you a feminist? I am.


*It’s fine to be confused about Feminism though because it’s a big word, that actually means quite a few things. It’s subjective, right? There’s LOTS of different kinds.

So saying something as silly as “I’m not a feminist because I’m not a man-hater” is as silly as saying “I don’t drive, because all cars are Hondas, and I know someone who was once hit by a Honda.”



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