Good Morning! Is it a good morning? I feel like it is. First it’s a Thursday, which, I think you’ll agree is the most Thursday of all the days.

I made a cake last night, that turned out burnt on the edges, and under cooked in the center. My oven is winning the war on baked goods.

For the last few months I’ve been working my actual tail off. See? look. No Tail. Not even a tail stump. I am tail free. I worked on a series of projects that required hours like I’ve never worked before. On one memorable occasion I was at work till 1am in the morning. I drove home, collapsed, and then was back at work at 7am.

The customer started to wonder if I was sleeping there. Possibly because at some point I think I stopped brushing my hair because: Must. Get. Through. Project.

When I finished I gratefully went back to working 9-5 on small projects. Only now? Now I’m a little bored. It’s not that the little bits of no stress work are bad, they’re just not as exciting, or time critical. My days don’t fly by anymore.

On the plus side, I now have enough time for a puppy – which actually this whole adjusting my lifestyle and making time for a dog, preparing the house, and worrying that I’m going to screw up training him… I’m thinking this is like child rearing lite. Or maybe it’s harder than raising a kid – I mean, there is no way naming a kid is as hard as naming a dog.

Last week I spent half an hour in the supermarket pet food aisle reading nutrition scores on puppy food. And googling online reviews.

Also I got invited to dinner with a friend next Tuesday, and now I think I might need a sitter for Archer because he’s too little to be alone while I’m at work AND at night, right? He’ll need feeding?

I wonder if I can swing pet-ernity leave past my boss. She’s pregnant right now, I’ll bet she understands (OR she’s pregnant right now and will have absolutely no time for me marginalizing the whole ‘birthing your own child then raising it thing’. Do I want to bait the 8 month pregnant lady? I think NO.)

In other news, Featherston has this great cafe, which does the most amazing quince danish. It’s spectacular. the day I first visited my house, I swung past the cafe (Everest) and brought my very first quince danish and a hot chocolate to go. I got to the viewing (early), and sat outside waiting for the real estate agent to show up (late.)

That day I fell in love with quince danishes. Also a house. Or maybe I just fell in love with one of them, and the other got dragged along too. Who knows. There was a lot of love going around that day.

The owners (and chefs) at the awesome cafe, have just announced they’re going to open an asian fusion restaurant down the road, and guys? I’M SO EXCITED! Featherston is ok… It’s small though, and doesn’t really do a good job at making the most of its commuter population – the shops close on Sundays, and there’s no late night shopping.

Food wise it’s mostly little cafes of varying (mostly MEH) quality that cater to the traffic passing through on the way to and from Wellington. There’s no real Asian food that I’ve seen… Although it’s entirely possible there’s a fish and chip shop that does a fried rice. It’s not quite the same as being able to go to yum char  just on a whim, or go grab an amazing roti chenai, or dumplings just as you wander home. So yeah, awesome quality food? YES. MORE OF THAT.

Now if only we could get a garden center, and Victorian-style street lamps. All my requirements for my dream town will be met.


3 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Those hours sound terrifying. Surely you’re owed some time in lieu that you could use to swing you some puppy leave?

    Also, maybe you could quit your job and start a business in Featherston that allows dogs on site, is open on Sundays, and makes Victorian street lamps? Maybe your very own garden centre?

  2. Yeah, puppy minding during the day may be a small problem.
    You may wish to approach the local school for a young person who could walk Archer after school.
    That would break up his day and make it interesting for him as well.
    We’ll try and get down again soon to look at puppy-proofing the main gate. Got a few thoughts on how to do it.

  3. My boyfriend often works until 2-3 a.m. Usually from home though, then he starts work at around 9-10 the next day so it’s not as bad. He was once in the office until 8 a.m. from the day before though! I actually called him before I went to work to make sure he was still alive.

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