Careers and stuff. (I’ve watched too many Women in Leadership panels this week.)

My boss at work is drawing up a new Personal Development Plan template, and she asked me to give it a wizz and pass back feedback on it. I was all ‘Dude yes.’ Because I have been thinking about development a lot lately, in the sense that I’d like it to happen soon.

I actually even sat down with various managers a month ago and told them that I’m looking to be promoted in the next 3-6 months.

For my inner introverted self, that was tantamount to running through the office with my pants down. SCARY. But the workplace is no place to be shy. So: I want a promotion. (They didn’t say no, but I do have to do a formal qualification before they’ll consider me. And then I have to wait till they advertise a role I think….)

Anyway, so professional development plan? Yes that is within my interests.

The first bit was identifying values, which is good, because I watched a TED video about branding last week,and then branded myself, so I already had that all worked out.

Want to see my values?

Development – because: PROMOTE ME PLEASE.

Balance – You know how everyone blathers on about work life balance? In March I worked 50 hour weeks, and and hadn’t had a haircut for 6 months. So actually that’s not what my Balance means. Mine means balanced mood and approach to life. When I’m not balanced shitty things happen, like depression. When I am I can work 50 hour weeks on one off projects that I think are important and worth my time, without destroying my ability to function like a human again at the end of it.

Engagement – I work better when I’m engaged and I care, and when I think my Managers give a crap about what I think. Also remember that time a Nigerian Spam Pirate Doctor proposed? It’s totally a long term thing.

Serenity – I put a lot of personal stock in Serenity. Mostly because the movie was awesome, but not as awesome as Firefly.

Vision – 20/20 bitches. But I’d look awesome in glasses. Recent polls suggest I’ll appear up to 22% smarter.

Mindful – I had an old teacher who would tell me to stop thinking so hard about things, which actually? that’s a shitty thing to say to an introvert, because THAT’S WHAT I DO asshole. I think.

Accountable – I’m accountable for my own actions, and hopefully one of these days that will mean I catch the stupid decisions before I go through with them because ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Also because my bank gets really annoyed when I tell them that my credit card balance is the result of a vengeful ninja con artist who stole it earlier in the week.

Playful – because 70 years is a really long time to be grown up  and austere about everything. I’d much rather have fun with it if I can.

Flexibility – Basically this was the result of me googling: what’s a nice way of saying that routines and day-to-day bores the shit out of me? Heck yes I’m flexible! Because if It would get me out of doing administrative work 40 hours a week, I’d do some serious contortion work. Administration is not how I want to spend my working life.

Innovation – because the same old gets boring. And life is too short to be bored at work. Ergo,  therefore: Dear Boss, Google lets people bring dogs to work. Just saying.


2 thoughts on “Careers and stuff. (I’ve watched too many Women in Leadership panels this week.)

  1. The wife tried that “let people bring dogs to work” thing.
    Worked out well, with the novelty factor, until Bella crapped in the bosses office, and in the store room, and in the hall.
    For those readers that don’t know me, Bella is the name of the dog, not the wife! Just saying.

  2. Yay for career plans! Good luck with them all, and also, I think your values are brilliant. (And after reading your Dad’s comment, I’m starting to see where you get your sense of humour).

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