Spring forward!

Happy Daylight Saving dudes!!

Does anyone ekse know what time they need to get up in the morning? No? Excellent. Well all either miss our collective transports to work, or be earlier than ever before. For me that will be something noteworthy, because: NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT A MORNING PERSON.

This weekend was awesome. I went for very long walks with Archer, who is right now snoring in the corner of the room. I love bedtime with an exhausted puppy. Its similar to bedtime with a wired puppy, but with less crying – and the dog is quieter too.

I took many photos of spring things in the rain with my phone because, why bother with an expensive camera if you cant get the photos onto you tablet/ cellphone/ INSTAGRAM! Also I have a cannon digital camera, and their editing software makes me angry. And confused. Like the hulk. I hate it with a passion, but have to use it because I cant find any other way of getting my photos onto my million year old laptop.

Whatever happened to the simplicity of iPhoto? All I really want is an auto upload, magic editing button, and some pretty filters.

As for my spring photos: Look its a one eyed tree! And he’s happy to see you!


I love me the spring! I have to get a photo of my cherry blossom tree, theres no blossoms yet, but its getting all jiggy with the greenery as we speak, which is awesome, because for a week or two there I worried that it was going to be a sad little bundle of twigs forever that I’d have to proudly show off to confused visitors.

In other news the puppy toilet training is killing me. I feel a little bit like maybe I smell like puppy pee 24/7. I definitely smell like kibble, because  all of my jacket pockets and dressing gowns have dog food in them to get the little booger outside. Some of the problem is that the weather is exceptionally bad at the moment, and my pup is of firm belief that if he has a choice of pooping outside where the wind and rain is, or in my kitchen, where its warm and smells like baked goods…. well there’s no comparison really.

The other day I was on the train home, after 3 hours standing in the wind cold station with hundreds of other stranded people, and I reached into my pocket to get my ticket, and came out with nothing but a handful of dog food. At that point the train guy was just as done with the awful ‘will we get home, or won’t we’ saga as everyone else, and so he just shrugged and said “close enough.”

So I guess the kibble has its upsides afterall.

My little bro (of wifi lights fame) posted this pic on facebook the other day. They have this awesome retriever called Nala, and have just added to the family with the happiest, fluffiest samoyed I’ve ever seen.  His names Oliver.


Look how happy he is! Dont you just want one? Only, like, not, because I already leave the house every day covered in dog kibble, cat hair, and Archer pee… I’m not sure I could handle polar bear fur on top of it.

Then Dad and Lisa drop the bomb that they’re getting another baby ewok. They have one already called Bella, and Lisa seems very set on calling her new puppy Benny…. I hope to convince her that Edward is a contender name-wise. If I can get her to agree, my Dad is getting a framed twilight poster for his man cave.



2 thoughts on “Spring forward!

  1. What’s a twilight?
    Spring here too. Great seeing the blosums out. Even got a bird nesting a eye height in the bush.
    3 blue/green eggs so could be dragons, because of the egg colour, or birds. Wait and see.

  2. That samoyed is smirking something wicked!

    I hope the train conductor at least took the dog food off you and took it home with him, the ungratefulness of some people is beyond me!

    Great spring pics, hope those blossoms blossom blossomy.

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