So I had to put a jingly collar on the cat this week, so that I can tell who it is I’m yelling at at night when they’re causing havoc.

I think probably you’re not supposed to have favorites when it comes to your fur babies, but Batz never scattered stinking rubbish across my garage floor, so it’s definitely him. In fact? Batz also never dug up a pot plant and gleefully ran the remains through the house, showering my distressed floors with potting mix, after having broken many bowls, knocked my dead seedlings off the porch, and eaten 2 electrical cords and a TV Cable.


Thursday was a bad day.


Moving on.

(Before I succumb to the urge to find the dog new adoptive parents. Or a boarding school.) 

I had an awesome weekend, because weekends in general are awesome. I made bread, got sunburn (quite a feat in the crapola weather this spring.)

Then on Monday I had to come back to work… which is not exciting at the moment. There’s not a lot of work on requiring a Shannon, so I’m basically sitting on my butt most of the day doing training and little jobs, and asking around to see if there’s anything people need help with.

To make things worse we have a new manager, and so her first impression of me is going to be catching me on facebook, listening to TED, and circumventing process in the effort to gain myself a little work.

This right here? PROMOTION MATERIAL. (Actually, though, because I’ve been shooting for a promotion before Jan next year, and time is growing short before I either have to put up and shut up, or go elsewhere.)

Directly relating to my time spent on TED this week, you should watch this. It’s a Talk by Andrew Solomon about how we experience Depression, and it’s insightful, and thought provoking, hopeful, and even a bit funny. Highly recommended from someone who’s been there, and will probably (statistically speaking) be there again some day.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Yeah forgot to tell ay, puppies can be pains sometimes.
    Getting into things for the sake of getting into something.
    I’ve got a bit of chicken mesh up this way if you need to start protecting the plants.

  2. Yeah. He’s a pain… Probably, though I should stop focusing on all the damage and just enjoy him when he’s little and cute. With his smooshy face.

    Luckily he hasn’t touched my gardens, it’s just things in pots that attract attention for now, and unfortunately it’s a bit late for most of them!! Never mind I’ll plant something hardy next time!

  3. It’s always fun when they get into pot plants. Roxy thinks it’s a superb place to sunbath, and to bury things in preparation for the next famine. (To be fair, she’s had to start again seeing as we moved her to a new garden that didn’t contain 23 raw hide chews, 77 biscuits, and 14 smelly bones she had prepared earlier)

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