Today’s post is brought to you by ASTERISK

Sugar Skull

So a couple of years ago I brought some amazing Chili Hot Chocolate mix. It made a serious impression, I thought long and hard about creating a new religion based on cinnamon, chocolate, and chili. Then I tried a version made from actual melted chocolate, and built an alter with candles for the awesomeness that is Mexican themed hot chocolate.

So last week I was cleaning out my pantry because I am a domestic goddess. (Please stop looking at the pile of dirty pasta bowls in my sink.) and I came across a boring hot chocolate mix that has been lingering in the back of my pantry for months. It’s pretty Meh.

Instead of putting it back in the pantry to linger for another couple of months, I decided to jush it up a bit. I added nutmeg, and cinnamon, and dash of chili, then some amazing rich dark fair trade cocoa powder that I stumbled across at the supermarket and can’t stop buying because it makes my various chocolate themed baking taste amazeballs. And Voila, I have a spiced, spicy, dark rich hot chocolate.

YUM. I keep it at work.

viva revolution

I’m thinking about Mexican hot chocolate because I did something a bit scary at work this week – I wrote an email challenging a manager, and then sent it to a few like-minded individuals to see if they would support the cause if I sent it.

I messaged a friend later, and said that it felt like yelling “REVOLUTION!” across the floor of the PMO.

The like minded individuals all responded to my email yesterday with sentiments like ‘OMG Yes’ and ‘You’re totally awesome Shannon’ and ‘I think that you should run for Empress, Shannon’*

*obviously I’m paraphrasing, to keep the identities of my co-conspirators secret.**

**I’m also upping the drama level just a smidge, because it was all very professional and boring.

Anyway. I had support, so I sent the email to our big Boss. He responded yesterday with something along the lines of ‘Hm. You raise many good points. I’ll talk about it with some of the other managers and get back to you.’*

*To be honest? that was actually more than I was expecting. I was totally expecting to be told ‘Please raise this through the correct process. Also you are totally in the naughty corner. And the answer will be NO, NOPE, and NO WAY again.’ 


(I bet my bosses are all looking for work requiring a Shannon now. Give me a week without projects, and I’ll get caught watching oceanography talks on TED, change a colleagues profile picture to one where he sports a 70’s pornstache, give someone lessons on how to use facebook at work, and start a revolution.)


In other news, the wind died down enough this morning for me to finally break out the bike that Lisa lent me!! I have decided that Archer will get a run every morning… I thought very briefly about joining him on the running, but then I remembered that running is actually not something i have ever enjoyed. Ever.

Biking on the other hand is totally easy, right? Hell it’s probably even relaxing, you get to sit the whole way.*

*I haven’t been on a bike since 2009 I think, in Rarotonga, and at the time I was fueled by pina-coladas and tropical sun. 

So this morning I started with teaching him to walk beside the bike on a lead while I wheeled it. we had a few false starts, because he’s all about pulling ahead when he can, and I don’t think he’s actually met a bike before, but it was a good start. Next we’ll graduate up to stopping and turning on command, then riding!!

Flush with my success (and late for my train) I jumped on the bike, and peddled to the train station. And discovered that actually biking is harder than I remember – for starters, I’m pretty sure I used to have better balance than I do now. What the heck happened to that?!

Anyway, Biking, it’s a thing I do now.*

*A thing I’ve done once. That counts. Shut up. 


2 thoughts on “Today’s post is brought to you by ASTERISK

  1. I bought my boyfriend some schili hot chocolate for Christmas a few years ago. It was amazing! Strangely it never occurred to me that I could make me own, despite the fact that I always have chilli, nutmeg and cinnamon on my spice shelf.

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