My Fitbit HR is somewhere in the house. Somewhere that isn’t my wrist. I’ve just spent the last hour digging through my couches, bedding, and bathroom bins, and I can’t find it.

Related: I apparently need to vacuum my couch cushions in a very bad way. Like immediately. There might be sentient things growing in there.

The frustrating thing is I know it is in the house, because it sync’d with my phone 3 minutes ago.

It’s annoying the crap out of me, because I managed to squeeze a lot of walking into my day today. And I meditated on the train this morning, so probably I would have had at least 10 waking minutes where my heart rate was below 75 BPM. Which is a thing I apparently care about now.

My phone all tells me that Fitbit stopped picking up heartbeat and steps at about 6am on Monday. Since then Fitbits absence has been reminding me that Fitbit reccomends I maintain a resting heartbeat of at least 50 beats per minute assuming I’m a super athlete. Fitbit doubts I am a super athlete and believes a relaxed 65-70 beats per minute might be more achievable. With my current lack of pulse Fitbit is beginning to doubt I’m even trying.

Fitbit would also like me to know that it’s looking very unlikely I’ll meet my minimum weekly step goal of 70,000 steps at this rate. Fitbit isn’t judging me, its just feeling a little disappointed I don’t appear to be taking the goals we set together as seriously as Fitbit is.

As annoying as this is, it is an excellent opportunity to rearrange my house for the tenth time since I moved in, in the interests of finding my lost watch and healthy lifestyle guilt monitor. (Deciding to move every piece of furniture I own at 8:30 at night on a whim is only one of the many fascinating reasons I live alone.)

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