Melbourne is pretty great, I’ve heard.

So I’m in Melbourne right now, and its pretty crazy! It’s been party, party, party – and I only got here 7 or 8 hours ago (its hard to know, on account of all the partying.)

Naturally the first thing I did was shots. Of cough and cold syrup.

Then came a marathon shopping trip! Woo! So glam! I lurched around like a mouth breathing zombie for three hours while I waited for my hotel to be ready. I might have brought some stuff… To be honest I’m not sure – such a whirlwind!

When I ran out of shops to blow my nose in, I crawled back to the hotel lobby and popped pills. To manage mucus. Because that’s a thing that’s happening right now.

So you know, since then I’ve been exploring the hotel room. Mostly the bathtub, and the bed. I watched a movie, read the whole ‘hotel welcome’ pack cover to cover, browsed the mini bar.

I also dyed my hair in the hotel bathroom, because as well as being the year of the dog, this is also apparently the year of behaving recklessly with hotel bonds.

Is anyone else having paranoid flashbacks to the incident with the crimson rush carpet? Ack. Best idea ever.

And now I’m planning to wipe down the bathroom for about an hour, followed by an inspection of the pure white hotel towels.

3 thoughts on “Melbourne is pretty great, I’ve heard.

  1. So sorry that you’re not 100% to enjoy the day there.
    Hopefully you’ll come around and get out there.

  2. Yeah, bit of a bad first day, but I have a few more here, so I figure I’ll spend some time tomorrow exploring the rest of the hotel room (aka sleeping!!) And then I should be good to go explore!

  3. I have been sick for 5 days now, I feel your pain. Of course, I haven’t been in Melbourne for it, and I am not sure if that makes it better or worse. Hope you get better quickly and don’t have any crimson rush moments!

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