It’s early. It’s so early.

This morning I got to work at 7:30am. Which is actually not as early as you’d think, based on the number of people I work with who are there at 7:30. Is that a thing we do here? Because I didn’t know it was I thing, I squeak in at quarter to 9 and call it good.

Anyway since I was here so early I thought I’d dust off the old blog. I ALSO got sidetracked by the fact that the Wondrous Wellington Advent Calendar is up and running again. Yes! I love that thing!

Turns out our GM has found advent calendars for work too. I’m not going to admit to being motivated by the same tactics that would work on a 5 year old… but the star chart was a surprising success. I can only guess that the promise of being one of the three people every day to get bad Christmas chocolate will drive productivity through the roof.

Big on the agenda today is making the BIG APPOINTMENT for neutering Archer. He’s a year and a half now, so I think all his growing should be pretty-much done.. SO it’s time!  (Also he totally tried to knock up a friends dog last weekend. It was horrifying.)

Archer at 18 months

2 thoughts on “It’s early. It’s so early.

  1. Love that the blogs back up and running.
    Feel for poor Arch but the last thing you want to be doing is paying child support to some hussy down the road.
    Catch up. Lu

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